October Reading Log.

Four books this month. I’m behind on my reading goals by 2 books as of today, so I need to read a lot more soon.

Feed – M.T. Anderson

“We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.”
How can you not be drawn in by that opening line? Titus and his friends are going to the moon for spring break. There, he meets Violet, who’s also on the moon for Spring break. There, they hang out, until an incident changes their lives.

I picked this book up thanks to a page on tvtropes. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it. The future world Titus and his friends inhabit is much like ours, but obviously more downtrodden. Everyone has access to the Feed, which beams information directly to everyone’s brain. They see advertisements, are able to order things over it, it builds a profile for them, suggesting things they’ll like, they can talk to each other over it, can transfer their memories to each other, and pull up any information that the Feed contains, so there’s no need to learn anything. Everyone is so wrapped up in the Feed that they don’t see most of the crapsack world they live in. They don’t notice the world deteriorating around them, or the countries threatening to launch nukes.

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Past Blizzcons!

I write for the blog for Azeroth Adoption Agency, which is WoW guild that’s devoting to helping people adopt out in game pets. One of the things I do is write the Throwback Thursday stuff. It’s pretty basic: Leeeroy Jenkins, Illegal Danish, Kazzak does Stormwind, etc. Well, coming up soon is a Blizzcon feature, and it got me thinking.

Why nto share some photos here? They’re not the same as the ones I shared there (with one exception), and I have plenty of photos. So here they are!

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10 x 10 Reading Things

Steph’s 10 times 10 Bookish Things

This is going to be quite the set of lists. Feel free to back out now. All of these are in no particular order.

Ten Favorite Authors
Jacqueline Carey
Tamora Pierce
John Scalzi
Anne Bishop
Roald Dahl
Mercedes Lackey
Richelle Mead
Scott Westerfeld
Marissa Meyer
J.D. Robb

Ten Favorite Books (all time)
Kushiel’s Dart – Jacqueline Carey
The Princess Bride – William Goldman
The Last Unicorn – Peter S Beagle
Ready Player One – Ernest Cline
The Crystal Singer – Anne McCaffrey
Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore – Robin Sloan
The Last Dragonlord – Joanne Bertin
The Phantom Tollbooth – Norton Juster
The Story of Ferdinand – Munro Leaf
Divergent – Veronica Roth

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I got my Terky!

Phadre, Terky, and an unnamed murloc

Terky was only available in Taiwan as part of the iCoke promotion originally, but now he’s available to everyone. At least, I think all servers can get him. His egg is hiding out in Borean Tundra, in the Riplash ruins (all the way to the south). You have to go to the north east most tip of the ruins, and fall into the water. There’s a crack of a cave entrance down a ways that lets you into the cave his egg is in.

On Cenarius, this place is a madhouse. I don’t know if they just lumped us with a dozen other servers or what,  but there must have been  200 people there. Everyone and their molten corgi made it worse by deploying every toy they could to clutter things up. I was really lucky in that I snagged it in about 5 minutes of waiting.

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August Reading Log

I only managed to read two things in August. Largely that was due to my getting married on August 13. That’s right, I’m a Mrs. now, although I’ll probably keep going by Ms. Smadronia. Pet and I married on our 11th anniversary, in a simple wedding at our house, and a reception. We had a great wedding.

Now, onto the books. One’s a novella, part of a serial I’m assuming, and the other was a short story.

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July Reading Log

July was another month of not reading much. I was still sore from the car accident, and so reading was not a priority. Water For Elephants was for a swap, so I had to have it read before July 29th.

Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

It’s the Great Depression, and Jacob Jankowski’s having a rough time. His parents have just been killed in an automobile accident, and he’s unable to understand his final exams, that would let him become a veterinarian. He decides to jump onto a train, and discovers it’s a crew car for the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. He gets a job setting up the show, and from there becomes the show’s veterinarian.

Book’s okay, but not great. The setting is fantastic. I loved the circus, but I’m fourth generation showman, so I’m partial to circuses, shows, and midways. The entire setting is great: putting up the tents, the menagerie, the animals, everything. Even the way they did food, pay, and people getting redlighted (thrown off the train) was fascinating.

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June Reading Log

I didn’t read a lot in June. I was in a car accident June 19, which killed the last 1/3 of June for me. I just haven’t felt up to reading lately. In fact, the only two books I managed this month were re-reads. I’m also trying to read Hero and Cairn, but I’m stalled, the first because it’s an audiobook, and the second because it hurt my neck to bend and read.

Editing to add: On a whim, I picked up book #3, and it was terrible. It was free, 27 pages, and I plowed through it in about 10 minutes.

Marked – PC & Kristen Cast

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