August Reading Log

I only managed to read two things in August. Largely that was due to my getting married on August 13. That’s right, I’m a Mrs. now, although I’ll probably keep going by Ms. Smadronia. Pet and I married on our 11th anniversary, in a simple wedding at our house, and a reception. We had a great wedding.

Now, onto the books. One’s a novella, part of a serial I’m assuming, and the other was a short story.

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July Reading Log

July was another month of not reading much. I was still sore from the car accident, and so reading was not a priority. Water For Elephants was for a swap, so I had to have it read before July 29th.

Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

It’s the Great Depression, and Jacob Jankowski’s having a rough time. His parents have just been killed in an automobile accident, and he’s unable to understand his final exams, that would let him become a veterinarian. He decides to jump onto a train, and discovers it’s a crew car for the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. He gets a job setting up the show, and from there becomes the show’s veterinarian.

Book’s okay, but not great. The setting is fantastic. I loved the circus, but I’m fourth generation showman, so I’m partial to circuses, shows, and midways. The entire setting is great: putting up the tents, the menagerie, the animals, everything. Even the way they did food, pay, and people getting redlighted (thrown off the train) was fascinating.

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June Reading Log

I didn’t read a lot in June. I was in a car accident June 19, which killed the last 1/3 of June for me. I just haven’t felt up to reading lately. In fact, the only two books I managed this month were re-reads. I’m also trying to read Hero and Cairn, but I’m stalled, the first because it’s an audiobook, and the second because it hurt my neck to bend and read.

Editing to add: On a whim, I picked up book #3, and it was terrible. It was free, 27 pages, and I plowed through it in about 10 minutes.

Marked – PC & Kristen Cast

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About 6 weeks ago, my cousin ended up with a tiny kitten. She calls her Cleo.

Cleo’s the only one of her litter to survive, and as a result, she had to be bottle fed, and taken care of pretty much 24/7.

She’s also super cute.

Miss Cleo during a bath

Doesn’t she look like a tiny kung fu master in this one? She’s about 5 weeks here.

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Remembering Christopher Lee

Usually, when someone famous dies, or an event happens that the world knows about, I don’t say much. There are so many people out there who are far more articulate than I am, so I leave it to them.

Christopher Lee’s death isn’t one I can stay quiet on. I’ve always loved him as an actor, and when I found out he’d passed away, all I could do was cry and say “no” a lot. I loved Christopher Lee. He was a fascinating person, and he was always so good in his movies. His appearance, presence, voice, and acting skills blew so many other actors away. People like to say “They don’t make them like they used to” about items, but as far as actors go, it’s much the same way. Today’s generation of actors lack that presence that Lee had.

Lee’s remembered for a lot of rolesDracula, Lucifer, Death, Scarmanga, Saruman, Count Dooku, the Jabberwocky, just to name a few.This guy was in a LOT of stuff.

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Planting Cats

It’s hot here. Portland gets warm summers, usually 85 or higher. I know compared to places like Phoenix, California, and Australia, our summers are nothing. But to us, they’re plenty hot and we melt.

It’s early June, but summer has hit. It was hot today. The cat is miserable. Mozzie has layers upon layers of light weight fluff that I’m sure traps heat. He tends to turn into a furry puddle in any cold location in the summer.

I’m helping Pet with dinner, and my grandmother starts stage whispering from down the hall. “Steph! Come quick! You have to see this!”

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May Reading Log

Holy crap, I only read 2 books in May. I would have thought I’d read more. To be fair, I did have a drawback that kept me from audiobooking much. I dislocated 2 ribs. Didn’t know that ribs could be dislocated, but it explains why I tend to have a super sore right shoulder, a stiff neck, and general back pain. Dislocated ribs can cause all kinds of problems. Thankfully, I found and awesome chiropractor, so I’m in much better shape.

Now, onto the books I read this month.

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April Reading Log

Only 4 books this month, I just wasn’t in a reading mood. Like my previous months, not too much of interest this month.

Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison – Piper Kerman

I want to see the Netflix series, and I try and read the books before seeing the show/movie/whatever they’re turned into. I’d picked up the audiobook a while ago, so I finally settled down to listen. It was ok, but not great.

As the title suggests, Piper Kerman does 13 months in federal prison, 10 years after carrying a suitcase of cash for a drug runner, who happens to be her ex girlfriend. I haven’t seen the television show, but from what I understand, it’s nothing like the book.

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