March Reading Log

My  March reading log was mostly JD Robb books. I had one other one, that I finished because I was halfway through it and figured why not. But.

The reason my reading log is mostly JD Robb is because one of my goals this year was to re-read the In Death series. Not all of it, but to finish at least the first 10 books. OF the 50 or so books and short stories, I’ve read probably 25 of them. Aside from the first 8 or so, they weren’t in order. My grandmother loves Nora Roberts/JD Robb, so she has most of them, in print, or on audio, so I have been working through them. Also, I drove a lot in March, so I had plenty of time to audiobook them.

Naked in Death – JD Robb
The first of the In Death series, I’m especially fond of this one. Lieutenant Eve Dallas, of the New York Police and Security Deposit is investigating a murder of a licensed companion. Not just any LC, but the granddaughter of a prominent conservative politician. And while she’s doing that, the killer is offing other victims, she’s remembering her past, and the wealthiest man alive has taken an interest in her.
I never cared for Nora Robert’s books, the romance in them is too sappy. But I love the In Death books. They strike the right balance between romance novel and police procedural. The world is fantastic. Set in 2058, guns are banned, most foods are made of soy or veggies, prostitution is legal, cars and fly, and most people eat via AutoChef.
This book has an interesting plotline, and introduces a fascinating cast of characters that keep coming back. I have read it several times and still enjoy it.

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February Reading Log

I managed to read 2 short stories (Good reads counts them as books) and 6 books this month. I’m something like 6 books ahead of my goal of 60 books for the year, but I know as the year moves on, I’ll be too busy to read some weeks, so I’m banking extra books.

The Little Android – Marissa Meyer
This short story ties into Meyer’s Lunar chronicles series, in that it’s a retelling of The Little Mermaid. This one is very Hans Christian Andersen inspired, not Disney. It’s an interesting take on the fairy tale. I quite like how Meyer has been retelling the fairy tales in a new and interesting way. I’d have more to say, but it wasn’t that long and I’m super tired.

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Review of Shannon Stoker’s The Registry

The Registry – Shannon Stoker

In the future, men outnumber women, and so when a woman turns 18, they go on The Reigstry. Men can view their profiles, and make a bid for their hand in marriage. Top bidder gets the woman. Mia Morrissey has been groomed from birth to be the perfect bride: pretty, graceful, and obedient. But when her older sister unexpectedly comes home, trying to escape her husband, Mia’s perfect world is shaken. Now, instead of marrying a rich man, Mia wants to escape to Mexico, and she can’t do it alone.

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January Reading Log

In January I managed 8 books and 2 short stories. Goodreads counts it as 10 books, because it doesn’t differentiate between short stories and actual books. This puts me ahead in my goal of 60 books this year. I don’t expect most of my other months this year to be as fruitful.

Glitches – Marissa Meyer
This is a prequel to Cinder, and since I read it before reading Cinder, I didn’t really get it. I knew a little of what Cinder was about, but not enough to quite understand what all was going on. Now that I’ve read more of the books, it makes more sense. It’s pretty much the events from when Cinder first goes to her new family, to an event that happens a few months after she’s there. It introduces Cinder, the family she lives with, and Iko, the robot that ends up becoming Cinder’s friend.

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Glass Pokeball (Flat piece)

A year ago, for Christmas 2012, Pet gave me a circle cutter. It’s what I really, really wanted, because cutting circles is really difficult without a circle cutter. I immediately went circle mad, and cut a bunch of circles. Big, little, I even made a few bowls out of them.

I don’t really remember what prompted me to want to make a pokeball, but I had the colours out. So I cut one out. I didn’t do a great job, white is damn hard to cut out. So it broke a bit, but I was going to use it. You’ll see where it broke in the photo.

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December Reading Log

5 books in December is nothing scoff at, I guess. It was a busy month, we’re always working extra with more loads, and also my uncle passed away unexpectedly in early December. That meant a house full of people for a couple weeks. I retreated to read quite a bit during that time because I’m a terrible introvert.

In The Hand of the Goddess – Tamora Pierce

I ended up reading this one because I’d re-read the first book for a Carpe Librum challenge last month. I love these books, and I have since I was a kid. Alanna is a fun character, and the problems she goes through makes her feel real, not a Mary Sue. My only conplaint with this book is that it’s heavy handed on the romance and relationships. She turns 15, and everyone who knows she’s a girl starts pledging their love to her, and it’s not subtle.

Crystal Singer – Anne McCaffrey

I read this as a teen, and I re visit it periodically. I always want to get the audiobook version, but it’s abridged, and I can only imagine how it would sound. Killashandra isn’t a perfect character, in fact, I find her pretty damn annoying at times, but the world of Ballybran, and the Crystal Singing, is really creative, and I love how it plays out. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t like this as much as I did as a teen, but I still enjoy this book and the series.

Killashandra – Anne McCaffrey

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November Reading Log

Wow, December already? I didn’t get that many books read in November, 4 fiction and 1 non fiction.

How I Live Now – Meg Rosoff

I read this for a swap in KateKintail’s District 13 group. It’s a Printz award winner, and so I chose to read it, partly because I’d heard of it. The other part was that I’d seen a video on by Film Brain about the movie that was made from the book. So I checked it out.

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September Reading Log

I read a lot of books this month. 10 to be precise, although to be fair, 4 of them were audiobooks. Work was busy this month, which meant I spent a lot of time driving (hence the audiobooks) and a lot of time waiting to be loaded or unloaded (the rest of the books). I re-read, well listened to, Gameboard of the Gods, but the rest I don’t think I’ve blogged about yet.

Capyboppy – Bill Peet

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August Reading Log

I host a book reading log swap on Swap Bot, in the group Carpe Librum, and to keep my emails from getting lost, I just post it here. July’s reading log is available here, if anyone wants it.

I ended up reading 7 books, well 5 books, and most of 2 others, as well as parts of a few more. I’m saving the unfinished books for next month though. The 5 books I read were all fiction, and the 2 others are non fiction. I confess, I got buried with the 2 non-fiction books, it’s a lot of information to take in. But, I read enough of them that I consider them finished this month.

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