Christmas Aftermath

Everyone survive Christmas? I did, although sometimes it was tough. In the end, a good time was had by all, sometimes by the addition of a lot of booze.

I was spoiled rotten this year. In addition to money and gift cards, there was a copy of Cataclysm for my additional account and WoW mugs from Pet, lots of fabulous peppermint bath products, fuzzy socks, tea, Sims stuff packs, candy, Nerf Guns and DVDs.

And, Pet’s parents decided to come for Christmas, and Pet’s mom brought prime rib and a lovely fizzy wine that’s reminiscent of apple juice. We had ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, lava cake, and make other things, and lots of alcohol. I wasn’t a heavy imbiber, but everyone who wanted something found something.

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That’s a Lot of Pomp & Circumstance For a Forklift

Pet and I were crossing Oregon today, on our way home. We’re coming down a hill, and we see one of those DOT trucks with the —> get over arrows. So, we stay in the right lane.

Then, we see a second one of those DOT trucks, with the >>> arrow. So, we keep staying in the right lane. The truck in front of us slows down, allowing us to see a flatbed tow truck just beyond the second DOT truck. We can’t see what it’s winching onto the platform though.

By the time we pass it, we’re doing about 30mph, and get an excellent view of what they’re winching onto the flatbed tow truck: a forklift, laid over on it’s side.

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Program #1 – The Niche Blogger

The first program I’d signed up for was The Niche Blogger, by Amy Bass. I never really went looking for Internet Marketing information, instead, I found her by way of Dave Ramsey. This post is really long, if you’re somewhat familiar with this program, skip down to the numbered list, and take peek at my pros, cons, and how I’ve personally done with it.

I’m big into being debt free. It still hasn’t happened for me, but I know if I apply myself, I will become debt free before long. I’d read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and was looking online to see how other people managed to get debt free. I stumbled across a blog Amy had been writing, about her becoming debt free. She and her husband had $72,900 in debt, and her goal was to find as many ways as possible to make money so they could pay it all off in 2 years or less. Through a lot of trial and error, she did it, paying of the debt earlier than the 2 years she’d set as a goal.

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I Have The Attention Span of a Goldfish

I have a short attention span. I didn’t used to, but the more time I spend on the computer, the more I find that I can focus great for only a little while before I find some tangent to go wander off with. Sometimes it gets really, really aggravating.

I realized exactly how scattered I’ve gotten in the last year when I went looking for some PLR that I’d downloaded. If you’re not familiar with PLR, it stands for public label rights, and it’s pre-written articles on topics that you can post online as your own, rewrite, or compile into books or other useful things. I’d just started work on a new site, and I wanted some of the PLR I’d downloaded so I could use it after I rewrote it.

I found an ebook that I’d downloaded this spring, about creating $5 a day niche websites. I’d downloaded it, glanced at it, and then promptly ignored it. And after I read it, I ditched my article hunt and decided to work on what the ebook suggested.

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I Feel Like a Romantics Song

I hear the secrets that you keep
When you’re talking in your sleep”

Apparently Pet is not the only one who will have conversations while sleeping. I do as well, to comic effect.

We stopped at a truck stop that was under construction the other day. The fuel islands and fuel desk were under construction, but the bathroom, gift shop, McDonald’s, Subway, and Taco Bell, were functional. We’d ducked into a very nice bathroom there, and were distracted by the gift shop when we came out. It reminded me a lot of The Open House, a shop in the Northfield Stapleton Mall in Denver. I was browsing through the glasses and napkins, shiny trinkets and suncatchers, and actually worked my way across a bench in the back of the gift shop to get around a table. I’d stopped to admire some cute napkins with grapes on them, thinking they’d be perfect for Pet’s mom, when Pet speaks up.

“Hey Baby, it’s time to go eat.”

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I Don’t Have a Lot of Holiday Spirit

I’m really not one of those folks that has a lot of holiday spirit. I never really have about any holiday except Halloween. I love Halloween, the costumes, the candy, the fact it’s the only sabbat I can usually get off my ass and do a ritual for, but Halloween is my thing. Christmas? Not so much.

My grandmother loves Christmas, she has 12-14 boxes of Christmas decorations in the garage, and the elf with the chimes, and old world Santa, and the lights in the kitchen end up staying in the house permanently. She loves Christmas, and it shows. Me? I love the lights and buying people stuff, but that’s it. As I’m not a Christian, the whole “Jesus is born” doesn’t really apply, and hell, many historians claim he was born in the spring anyway. Yule is a good sabbat, but I’m such a half assed pagan that I perform rituals once a year or less.

I can get behind the lights though. I love Christmas lights, much like I love the 4th of July’s fireworks. There’s just something about the bright and shiny that I love. That’s one nice thing about traveling the United States, I get to see all the lights across it. It’s not quite like going down the well lit streets back home, but there’s still plenty of pretty to be found. And, before I forget, let me embed one of my favorite Christmas light videos. It’s from 2004 or 2005, and it features the house of Carson Williams who did an entire display to the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Wizard in Winter.  According to Snopes, it was also featured in a  Miller Light commercial in 2005.

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I know it’s quite a bit after Thanksgiving, but this is just a short post to say I survived. My Cousin of awesome +7 came down, and we had dinner at Nonny’s house. That prompted a lot of stress, but we managed in the end. I did, however, learn two very important things this Thanksgiving:

1. Sailor Jerry is a fabulous rum

2. The wishbone on a turkey must be dried before it can be snapped.

See? Very important stuff.

Pet’s mom, dad, and brother are all coming for Christmas, and Pet’s mother has offered to bring Prime Rib. My aunt Connie has also offered to let us hold Christmas dinner at her house, down the driveway, to keep Nonny out of the kitchen. I love Nonny, and I don’t mind her cooking, but when she and I are both in the kitchen, things get screwy. We’re both prone to seasoning, checking, turning, or starting the same thing at the same time. And, if you know anything about cooking, you know that dishes that are double edited don’t turn out so well. So, Connie and I will be making Christmas dinner at her house, leaving Pet and Nonny to entertain Pet’s family. chrisy’s coming again, and bringing another bottle of Sailor Jerry. It will be good times.