Pet is the Picky Sister

We were in Wyoming a last weeks ago, and I was picking up a sandwich for the two of us at Subway. We usually get a footlong and share it, and I was making the order while Pet went to pick up some bottled water. Even though we’re remarkable similar in our food choices, this sandwich (tuna) required many specifics. Cheese on my side, none on hers, and sure, I’ll try the mustard. Our Sandwich Picasso remarks “So, she’s the picky sister.”

Sure, okay.

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Program #2 – The Wealthy Affiliate University

The second program I joined was The Wealthy Affiliate University( WA or WAU). I’d joined a mailing list, and the gal who ran the mailing list really liked The Wealthy Affiliate, so I looked into it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to join, because I was paying for Amy’s program at the time. The price wasn’t bad back then, under $40 a month, or $29 a month if you paid up front.

I stopped waffling when they said they were going to increase the price. It’s a common internet marketing tactic, “Better join now, the price is going up SOON!” and I dismissed it for a couple days, until I got an email from them (I’d signed up for their mailing list too), and they set a date and said the price would more than double. So, after talking it over with Pet, I pulled the money out of savings, and purchased the year in advance.

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Matched by Ally Condie

I just finished reading/listening to Matched by Ally Condie. It’s set in the future, where everything, including what you eat and who you fall in love with, is determined by probabilities and statistics.  And for Cassia, her world is falling apart.

She’s 17, and has been Matched to her best friend Xander, an uncommon occurrence. When she goes to view the information the Matching comittee has given her, it first shows her Xander, and then the screen blanks out, and shows her a different boy for her Match. It’s also a boy she knows, in her neighbourhood (called a borough) named Ky.

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