So, I Made Bread

I love to cook, and when I got a couple days off for my birthday, I knew what I wanted to try. Also, there was supposed to be this huge snowstorm, so if I was going to be housebound for a few days, I may as well get to cook. So, I made bread.

I’ve been a subscriber to Mother Earth News for a couple years, and a while back, they featured and article about artisan bread that could be made quickly. It was sprinkled with a promotion for the book, “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” and was all about this recipe that allowed average busy people to make fantastic, artisan bread. I was curious, but I never got around to picking up the book, until a few weeks ago.

I’d ended up buying a Groupon that was $10 for $20 from Barnes and Noble. So, when I was home right before Valentine’s Day, I picked up the book. I took it home, read it extensively, and then threw it on the bookshelf and went out to work. So, when I came home this past week, I decided it was time to make bread. Nonny bought me a pizza peel and a baking stone for my birthday, along with the flour and yeast, so I went to town.

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Why I Became A Truck Driver

When I was a kid, I told my grandparents I wanted to be a truck driver when I grew up. They told me I didn’t want to do that. Then I said I wanted to be a teacher. They’re both retired teachers, and told me I didn’t want to do that either.

Guess what I’d kind of like to do when I grow up and stop driving?

I didn’t really set out after college to become a truck driver. I’d gone to a four year, technical college in Oregon, and while I didn’t graduate with a bachelor’s degree, I did at least graduate with a pair of associate’s degrees. Then I moved to northern Idaho. Lovely place, but a bad place for someone with a computer engineering background to move.

Have you ever seen those National Guard commercials, w here the attractive young 20 somethings go “Need experience to get the career you want? But, no one will hire you without experience?” That was me. Not only did I lack an official bachelor’s degree, but I also was a crap computer engineer, and didn’t have any experience. So, even if north Idaho/eastern Washington was hiring computer engineers, I wasn’t going to be interviewed.

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New Theme

I decided to upload a new theme. This one is called Purple Pastels. I’ve seen a lot of wordpress posts about how you shouldn’t constantly switch themes when you’re bored, the key is more content. In my case, it was more practical. The last theme I used I liked, but it had a link at the bottom for “platinum engagement rings” and I didn’t like it there. It was encrypted too, so I couldn’t get it out.

So, a new theme, no annoying things in the footer, and all is well.

Oh, Jailbait…

So, I was showing Pet some truly awful Twilight tattoos. And, one of the ads was for a ‘co-written’ personalized novel involving vampires. So I bit the bullet and visited the site. It’s one of those semi-personalized books, you enter in your name and some stats, and you hero’s name and stats, and then they’ll print a book (starting at $40) and send it to you, so you can daydream about your fantasy guy.

If you can’t think of a hero’s name for the preview, they suggest a few. Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Hugh Jackman I could understand. Then I got to a book called “Magic Bound” in the adult romance section. This is what it gave me as suggestion:

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Starbucks Trenta

So Starbucks is unveiling the Trenta, a 31 ounce drink. And shortly after that, someone posted an image about the Trenta having the same capacity as an average human stomach. And everyone seems to be weighing in on the issue. So, I guess it’s my turn.

I don’t see what the big deal is in Starbucks making a larger sized drink. Maybe it’s because I’m stuck eating so much fast food, but it seems to me like they’re behind in super sizing things. Maybe it’s because coffee drinks are high in calories, and so a trenta size Starbucks frappucino is going to be around 650-700 calories. Maybe it’s because people have a lot/hate relationship with Starbucks. I don’t know.

What I do know, is that most fast food restaurants routinely hand out 32 ounce drinks with their “value” meals, or drink promotions. McDonalds offered up $1 sweet tea that was 32 ounces, Carls Jr has a deal where buying their biggest drink (44 ounces) will get you an entry to get something from the upcoming Green Hornet movie, Burger king has made it so a medium drink is 32 ounces, and most Taco Bell combos include a 32 ounce drink. At least, that’s what I’ve seen at most truck stops.

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