Costume Website Time

I broke down and bought a whole mess of domain names the other day. They’re all for Halloween costumes, so I can build up a bunch of websites like I did last year. Unlike last year, I plan on having more than seven websites.

Least year I made seven websites, each centered around a specific type of costume. I was working as an affiliate for an on-line costume shop, and so when people visited my page, clicked on the links, and then bought anything from this shop, I got a commission. By November 1, 2010, I had made $140.12 off my sites. I thought that was pretty good, but I hadn’t counted on any sales that happened after Halloween was over.

The end result was my 7 websites made about $200 when all was said and done. That means they not only paid for the cost of the domain names, but seven websites have paid for my website hosting for an entire year. Sure, it’s a break even point, but I was so new at Internet marketing that I think I was lucky to even manage that much.

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Truckstop Geese

There’s a Travel Centers of America truckstop in Wyoming with an unusual addition: geese! There’s a gaggle of about a dozen geese that have been there about as long as I can remember. They seem to be your normal garden variety geese, mostly white ones, with a couple brown spotty ones thrown in They’re also the biggest geese I’ve ever seen. Apparently truckstops help more than truckers grow an extra size or two. Their heads easily come up to my hips, and they’re the size of beach balls. They’re also completely tame, and totally nonplussed by the 40 ton trucks whizzing through the truck stop. I’ve seen them stop more than one truck while they waddle across the fuel islands on their trip from the building to the shop.

I always wanted to feed them, but Pet and I don’t usually keep bread products in the truck. But today was a different story. Today, I had most of a loaf of bread that had gone stale. And the geese were about 100 feet from where we parked. So, out I hopped, with half the bread in my hands.

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