The Chocolate Bunny Conundrum

I’m not a big celebrant of Easter. In fact, I tend to call it Hoppy Bunny Day, or Happy Zombie Jesus Day, and treat it like any other day. In fact this year I attended a Reiki class, and blew blood vessel in my eye.

But this post doesn’t really have anything to do with Easter as a celebration. It has everything to do with half of what most small kids love about the holiday: Chocolate bunnies. The other half, as you might expect, is coloured eggs.

But yes, chocolate bunnies.

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The Moron Test

Sometimes I encounter things on the road that are too funny to pass up. Remember the forklift? This is funny like that, although it doesn’t involve a lane closure.

I’d just parked for the night, and decided to run in and pee before I dug out my laptop to goof off. When I ducked in the restroom, there were two women having a conversation, as women often do. Guys, I know ya’ll don’t talk while you’re on the shitter, but for women, it’s not unusual to continue the conversation you were having before you walked into the bathroom. At least, judging by the number of women I’ve seen do it, anyway.

So I’m in a stall, listening to them babble on. There’s talk about a fingernail getting ready to fall off, and whether the soap in the bathroom smells good or poopy, and then they mention the scale. Many truckstop bathrooms have scales, at least in the women’s. I don’t visit the men’s restroom.

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Just Another Manic Tuesday?

I think I’m entering a manic stage. It would figure, as the last month has been pretty bad on the other end of things. Given depression or mania, I’ll take the mania. I might be horribly scattered then, but I accomplish more, and will actually accomplish things that will help keep me from spinning back into depression.

I can always tell when the manic episode is coming on, because I feel a really strong urge to create. Usually I run with it, and so I currently have 3 creative projects on my plate:

1.  Sky Iron for a webkinz polar bear. If you’ve ever seen The Golden Compass, or read the His Dark Materials trilogy, you’ll know there’s fighting bears called panserbjorn, except with a nifty O I’m too tired to look up. They have battle armor. I want to make a set, and I have it all planned. going to use polymer clay, and fashion and under tunic for my bear, and then form and glue the clay one once it’s cured. I haven’t bought any of the supplies, and I need to get my hands on a full sized Webkinz polar bear. I only have a tiny guy, and I’d like to make a set for someone else’s bear, who could use it.

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