Keyword Research Basics – Part 1

Keyword research is one of the most valuable things you can do when you’re trying to make money online. It also applies if you’re trying to put up a website for your business and get it where people searching can find you. But there’s a lot of different trains of thought on how to do keyword research. No one uses the exact same approach.

I was recently told about a website called Constant Content, where writers can put their work up to be purchased, and people looking for custom written content can go and purchase it. It’s more expensive than buying PLR, but often cheaper than hiring someone to write your articles. I suggested this site to a couple friends, and offered to help with topics if needed. One of them responded, saying she’d welcome the help with choosing topics. She’s also willing to be my guinea pig, so I’m using her.

Ultimately, PLR and Constant Content articles are similar in theme. So, you can take what’s here and use it to write PLR, Constant Content articles, or even apply it to keyword research for article marketing, or for website building, like I do. Continue reading

Kickass Onion Garlic Cheese Bread

Onion Garlic Cheese Bread

Looks yum? Get my recipe on this page. Eventually I’ll include photo directions, but not today. This recipe is great for busy people who love bread. You can make up a batch, and leave it in the fridge for days, until you’re ready to bake. Then, pull off a 1 pound chunk, and bake. Good for those who work long hours but love fresh bread, or busy parents who can’t watch a loaf and the kids all day.

Surprise Money

So, I’m a member of the Wealthy Affiliate (review here), and I logged in the other day to see they’d chosen one of my blog posts as “Blog Of The Day.” Surprised me, but I think it’s largely a random process. I’d gotten some comments in my blog post, so I decided to go into a little more detail about why I have 72 costume websites planned.

I wanted to use examples, so I chose my worst performing site, and my best performing site from last year, so I went to Commission Junction to pull up the statistics. And I got a bit of a surprise.

May 2011 Commission

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Blizzcon 2011!

Pet and I are going to Blizzcon 2011. I managed to get tickets this year, without having to resort to buying from a third party. Pet is thrilled, as it’s the fourth year I’ve managed birthday Blizzcon tickets.

I wonder what the pet will be this year? Personally, I’m hoping for a mount, it’s a been a few years since they did one. Grunty and Deathy are great, but I <3 my polar bear.

Purple Makes It Epic

If you’re not a WoW player, this will not interest you. If you are, you’ll laugh at how long it took me to get this.

I’ve been 1 seasonal event away from What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been, which is the violet proto-drake. The one thing I needed? Children’s Week, and I needed one achievement.

I needed School of Hard Knocks. Which isn’t so easy to get. I missed Children’s Week last year, so I decided this was the year to do it. Otherwise, if I had to wait another year, I would NEVER get the achievement. I don’t play anywhere near as much as I used to, so it was pretty much now, or never.

So, after 4 hours of pvping, I got it, and here’s my drake:
Suranna on her Violet Proto-Drake