The Yogurt Munch Adventure

Since Pet and I have only been in the Portland area a year, and I’d been away  for more than 10 years before that, we’ve been using Groupon and Living Social deals to help us find interesting stuff in the area. Recently, I picked up a Groupon for car detailing, and Pet picked one up for a place called Yogurt Munch. I wanted an estimate for the detailing, and Pet’s yogurt deal was about to expire, so off we went.

You would think that living in a truck, and having to find places all the time would make directions a breeze, right? Not a chance.

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Picture Time

I feel like crap lately. A couple days ago it was no appetite, tired, and everything I ate or drank, including water, gave me stomach cramps. today it was waking up with  migraine, listless, and no appetite. I had to force myself to eat a bowl of top ramen after realizing all I’d had today was a roll, 4 cookies, 2 glasses of milk, and 2 cups of tea.

So I come bearing a picture. I did it as a job on Mechanical Turk, but it was rejected because I saved it in the wrong format (which wasn’t stated in the instructions). So, I will put it here for your enjoyment. It’s Bob Ross inspired.

Mturk Landscape

Context Matters

Sometimes I forget that context matters, as does being specific. I was browsing on the web, and stumbled acorss an article about Anthony Weiner. Now, I haven’t followed this very closely, scandals to me are a lot like high profile court cases (think Caset Anthony): I only barely pay attention. I couldn’t remember if this was the guy with the Twitter problem, or some other political scandal I’d missed. I read this article about how photos of him cross dressing in college (a million years ago) have appeared in the National Enquirer.

And me being me, decided I’d Google for them. Being me though, I took the short route and dropped “Weiner” into the Google Image search. Once I hit search, the realization of what I did sunk in. This is one of those times I’m glad Safe Search was set to moderate, so all I got were a bunch of weiner dog photos. I corrected the search to “Anthony Weiner” and all I got were headshots. Eventually I pulled up a fuzzy photo of the National Enquirer cover.

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It’s Not Supposed To Do That – Part 2

Why have I been up almost 36 hours? Well, as of last night anyway? Our air conditioning went out Thursday night.
In Ohio.
In 85 degree weather.
At night.

I’m driving along, and it’s hot, muggy air. So I do what I can to cool down the cab: bring in cool air from outside without the fan, and crack the windows. This, of course, wakes up poor Pet. Pet is unable to sleep. This makes Pet grumpy. By the time Pet is up, and the truck is too warm, it’s Friday morning.

We go, make our delivery, and thankfully, there’d been a small rainstorm just before we got into town. So we were able to sleep for about an hour at our delivery without it getting too hot.

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It’s Not Supposed To Do That – Part 1

I often say that Alberta is the truck from Hell. Sadly, I am not joking most of the time. Within three days of being assigned to her, the engine control module failed. We missed my Nonny’s 80th birthday party because we had to have an EGR cooler replaced in Gillette, Wyoming. Less than a week later, we had another EGR cooler replaced. Two weeks after that, the turbo blew up. And less than 2 weeks ago, we had to have the EGR cooler replaced.

Want to see what my EGR cooler looks like today?
EGR Cooler
See all that black crap that’s on the red? That’s exhaust. It wasn’t there last Wednesday. I noticed it Friday, but since we were already en route to Salt Lake (see story below), I didn’t want to be waylaid.

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Keyword Research Basics – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my keyword research. You can use this tutorial for both article and website keyword research, although I’m writing this with Constant Content in mind, although it works for articles and PLR as well, and websites, although you’ll want to look for different numbers.

In Part 1, I looked at finding topics to write about based on things you like. I used my friend and her German Shepherd to come up with the option of “German Shepherd trainers” as a topic to write on. In this part, I’ll discuss why we narrow down topics, and then go into 3 other possible sources for finding topics to write about.

Why Narrow Things Down

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