How To Find A Niche In The Costume Website Market – Option 2

Welcome to Option 2 of finding a costume to promote in the costume website market. If you’re looking for option 1, it’s here. I consider this the backwards way to finding niches, although it works pretty well. Usually I end up adding a few websites to my Go Daddy domain purchases because I’ve stumbled across them this way.

I know I shouldn’t assume, but for this article, I’m assuming you’ve read at least the beginning of option 1. You should know about BuyCostumes and why I use that website, and you should be at least vaguely familiar with the Google Keyword Tool. If this makes no sense, I suggest you go read option 1, at least the first few paragraphs.

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How To Find A Niche In The Costume Website Market – Option 1

Time for more Online Marketing babble. This one’s about keyword research, specifically the research I do for my Halloween websites. It’s pretty close to what I’d do for a normal niche blog, the only difference being how I check the competition. Even that’s a minor difference.

For this post, I’ll show how I find my first set of costume options. I’ll make a second post about how I find additional costume options, and then I’ll show how I register domains. So, two options and a tutorial on registering, and then I’ll probably go back to blogging about food and trucking for a while.

First, I go to BuyCostumes. Why BuyCostumes? Because Commission Junction is easy to get accepted into, and the BuyCostumes program is auto-accept. So, I don’t have to apply and hope I’m accepted.

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Surviving Puberty

So Pet and I are driving through New Mexico, and we pass a pickup hauling a piece of farm equipment. It’s probably twice as high as the pickup, and at least as long, but the pickup’s trundling right along with it.

Then Pet speaks up. “I saw the most incredible thing today. There was this pickup hauling with this trailer, maybe half as long as our cab.”

“So like an eight foot trailer?”

“Maybe six feet. And it was hauling a telephone pole.”

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