Wisdom Teeth = Ouch

I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. The best thing I can say about the last 36 hours is ouch. But, they’re out, and I won’t have to worry about them anymore.


I wasn’t planned, it just sorta happened. Pet and I had purchased a Groupon that included a basic exam, X rays, and teeth cleaning, since we didn’t have an Oregon dentist. Pet has a wisdom tooth that’s in bad shape, so we decided to bite the bullet and make appointments. We went in Tuesday, and Dr. Christiensen (however it’s spelled), gave me doom and gloom, and how I was going to end up with a horrible infection with one of my wisdom teeth, and they needed to come out soon. I had known I’d have to have them out eventually, so Pet and I both looked into appointments, and they could fit me in Wednesday. So, I went.


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