Bra Fitting 101

Pet and I usually recount this adventure every year about this time. And I figured, since I don’t have the Blizzcon post done yet, I could share this funny adventure with you. Some of the details are fuzzy, but this is pretty much how it went down.

It was 7 years ago, and Pet and I are in the women’s underthings section of Walmart, staring down the wall of bras. While we’re there, a guy comes along, and joins us in staring at the wall of bras. After a couple minutes, he grabs one, and tries it on. Around his waist. Like a belt.

He notices us looking at him, and goes “How do you find the right size for one of these?”

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Steph’s Internet Marketing Future: Halloween, Other Websites, Selling Websites, and PLR Products

So, I’ve been doing this Internet Marketing thing for almost 2 years now. I started early in 2009 with The Niche Blogger, and progressed from there, starting my grouping of Halloween websites that June. Along the way I’ve joined The Wealthy Affiliate, bought One Week Marketing, and even picked up a lot of information on offline marketing, which is supposedly the next big thing.


You know what I’ve learned in nearly 2 years? I need to learn to focus. I have a wealth of information on my computer (and in memberships) but I’m not taking advantage of it. I have enough information to be successful, but I’m not. And it’s my fault.


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