Rock of Ages was Horribad & Awesome

So, Pet and I went to see Rock of Ages. I’m guessing you’ve heard of it: mid 80s nostalgia movie based on a musical. If you haven’t, here’s the trailer.

Pet and I both love 80s music, but we’re both too young to really remember the 80s. I remember some things, like side ponytails, Michael Jackson, the Challenger disaster, legwarmers, the DeLorean, the original NES, and scratch n sniff stickers. Pet doesn’t remember anything. I guess that has something to do with the age gap between us.

We made a bet before we went inside on what trailers we’d see. I was betting for a drama, a chick flick, and the rest would be action movies. We got: a chick flick (male stripper wanting to be an entrepreneur), The Great Gatsby, an all female Glee knockoff, and a couple of heartwarming tearjerkers about parents doing whatever it takes to help their kids. One about poor kids, and one about a kid with leaves on his legs. Okay, so I fail at trailer guessing.

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