Well, Crap

I’ve been trying to catch up on older things I’ve done, like my first fused glass class, and my second, but I’m taking a break from that for just a minute. I still have a glass beads post, and other things, but I wanted to show my “Oh, crap” moment from this morning.three square fusing projects fused together

I overloaded my kiln, and some pieces moved more than others. So, when I opened it this morning, I found this. The other things, which were 4 of the smaller squares, and one more fractured square, were all all happy and fused, but not to each other.

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Fused Glass 2: Squares and Rectangles

If you know me on Facebook, then you know I’ve recently acquired a kiln, and set up shop, creating fused glass at home. It’s a Paragon benchtop kiln. I don’t have a picture of it yet, but that link will take you to a similar kiln, although mine doesn’t have elements in the top.

I hate to disappoint, but this isn’t about my first fusing in my new kiln. That will come later.

This is about a class I took in March at Aquila Glass School. It’s called Fused Glass 2: Squares and Rectangles, and follows the Intro To Fusing class I took in January.  I had to wait over a month because I needed a class that was scheduled on a Saturday,  since it’s my only guaranteed day off. I was pretty excited when I went.

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