Knowing Songs

I always say that I don’t have discerning taste in movies or music, and it’s true: I like all kinds of things that are crap. For example, I love Hellboy, and that is not a great movie. I also like all kinds of music, and I’ll listen to most anything.

For some reason, I am exceptionally good ad remembering songs, even if I haven’t heard them in ages. I’m also good and remembering lyrics after only hearing a song a few times. Even though Pet knows this, it’s always a surprise to her when a song she hasn’t heard before, or a song that she hasn’t heard in a long time comes on, and I start singing along.


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Airy Persiflage – A Daily Blog

So, this is the other blog for my blog post swap. Again, I feel really fortunate that this was my second blog, because Bev is one of those dedicated people who posts every day. I feel bad for the folks who ended up with me, because I post infrequently, and not about anything specific, so it’s probably hard to say much about my site in a blog post.

Anyway, onto the actual post.

The blog is Airy Persiflage, and it’s a mirror of Bev’s daily journal Funny The World. If you like reading about someone’s life, then you’d like her blog. Her entry in October 3 was about cooking, which I found fascinating, since I cook. I giggled when it read it, apparently when she was engaged to her husband, she found a picture of an orange strawberry together, as a food presentation. She showed her husband the photo, and told him she was going to prepare those kinds of meals for him.

She meant that she was going to make beautiful dishes. How I read it though, made me giggle. I can imagine her husband looking at the plate, and wondering if an orange and strawberry were going to be enough to eat, and if his wife (or at the time, wife to be) thought he needed to lose weight.

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Curse of The Bibliophile – A Book Blog

So, I’m a website called Swap bot, which is pretty much what it sounds like. You swap things, sometimes it’s email, sometimes postcards, sometimes something else. And one of the swaps I participated in was a blog post swap. Pretty much, you get 2 partners, and then you follow each blog, and do a little write up on each.

I was a little hesitant about signing up, because in a swap like this, you never know what kind of a blog you’re going to get.  I ended up getting really lucky with both my partners, because they’re both active bloggers, with interesting sites.

Curse of The Bibliophile Header ImageSo, without further ado, here’s the first of 2 blog posts about blogs you really should check out.
The first blog I recommend is Curse of the Bibliophile. It’s run by a woman named Katie, and she reviews the books she’s read on it. It’s largely a romance novel review blog, so if you like romance novels, you really need to hit up her blog.

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