I’m Behind!

We’re 1/3 of the way into NaNoWriMo, and I’m way behind. Like way less than 10,000 words. Heck, I should have 18,333 words today. I haven’t updated my word count for today, but last night I managed to hit 5,068 words. So I’m less than a third of where I should be. I keep meaning to sit down and write, but so many other things get in the way, and I just end up writing a little bit.

Want to see my progress? Here’s a widget to show what I’m doing, or more specifically, not doing.

I did do one thing to help: I jumped to the parts I want to write. I’ve been building backstory, and writing in a logical fashion, starting at the beginning, and building up to where I want to write. I think that will help.

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Posting Comments

As a quick head’s up, I’m not that good as responding to comments. I try, but I don’t always see them, and here’s why: If you’re a regular commenter, after 1 or 2 approved comments, your comments are automatically approved.

If you participate in blog comment swaps on Swap Bot, you’ll find over time that your comments get automatically posted, and it might take me a while to find them and comment on them. Don’t worry, I will eventually find them 🙂

NaNoWriMo 2012

It’s November 1, 2012, and that means National Novel Writing Month has started. I’ve been writing a novel in November every year since 2003, but I’ve only ever “won” NaNo once. That also happened the the only year I had an outline. Imagine that.

This year I’m going for it again, and I’m writing an erotic novel in the tones of Fifty Shades of Grey. For the record, I don’t like Fifty Shades of Grey. I think Ana is a doormat and Christian is a stalker.

So that prompted me to write this one, because the premise of 50 lends itself to something more: a woman is intrigued and scared of a powerful man, and has to decide if she’s going to pursue a relationship with him. It could have been a lot more than the inner goddess and the control freak.

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