2013 Goal

If you’ve read here before, then you’ll know I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, because I don’t think they work. By February, March at the latest, I’ve abandoned all of mine. I don’t know if other people are better at it than I am, I don’t really ask.

Pet and I were talking about finances this year, which got me thinking about saving money. I was not very good with that this year, and next year needs to be better. I made more money this year than I ever have with the company, and while it’s still not great money, a bigger portion of it needs to be saved.

But I’m bad at that.

So I found a possible solution: accountability.

I’m a website called Swap Bot, where people swap all kinds of things: letters, postcards, crafts, books, you name it. Two people have swaps going that are about saving money next year.

The first one is simple: Save an equal amount of money for the week we’re in. So, week 1 is saving $1, and week 52 will be $52. It amounts to $1378 for the year. Not a huge amount, but it’s money saved, none the less. I imagine the last 6 weeks of the year will be the hardest amount, since it’s present buying time.

The second one is more complicated. It involves setting a specific goal per week, and putting that away. If you choose $10, then at the end of the year you’ll have $520, and $30 a week would be $1650.

I’m interested in doing this, although I don’t know which one I’ll do, or if I’ll do both. If I use a jar at home I’ll be far more likely to save the money: I can’t call and get delivery way out here. And, at the end of hte year, I can dump it into a saving account, or use it to pay off debt.

Thoughts on which sounds like a better option? Are you interested in doing this? Joining Swap Bot is free, if you want to use that.

2 thoughts on “2013 Goal

  1. The second one sounds more doable. When you’re in the habit of saving a certain amount every week, it’ll become second nature. You’ll just not touch it. With the amount increasing every week, it gets a little trickier, and you have to rework things more and more.
    Both seem cool though! Babe and I are saving for our wedding, and oh, man. It’s hard when you want to live and have fun during the saving process, but forcing us to be more creative.

  2. long long ago when your father and me was engaged we each put 25 bucks a week in a savings account. it ended up being a few hundred bucks before we got married. just setting aside a few bucks each week helps.

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