Liked Fifty Shades of Grey? Then You’ll Love The Boss

Erotic fiction is really popular right now, since Fifty Shades of Grey became a best seller, and women everywhere have been dreaming about Christian Grey and his Red Room of Pain.

You know what else is becoming popular? Serials. Not that stuff you eat in the morning, nor thoseĀ multitudesĀ of books that come one right after another, but a new sort of book. They’re posted online, or sold in smaller chunks, usually 15-20 pages, or about 15,000 words.

Combining the best of both worlds, The Boss is a new erotic serial by Abigail Barnette.
If you loved the erotic content of Fifty Shades of Grey, you’re going to love The Boss. Want your Ana Steele to have, well, a little more steel in her backbone?

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From Glass to Bowl

Pet bought me a circle cutter for Christmas. It’s pretty much a thin metal ruler, suction cup, cutting head, and a ball to hold onto, but it’s really neat. In fact, here’s a picture of mine.

Bohle Silberschnitt Studio Circle Cutter

I’ve wanted a circle cutter for a while. Glass likes to break in a straight line, and free form cutting a circle is tough. They get lumpy and lopsided. So I wanted a circle cutter. Pet provided me one.

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Why Steph Stays Home New Year’s Eve

I always stay in on New Year’s, at least for the last few years I have. The reason for this is simple: I was mugged by a guy with a gun January 1, 2009. It is not an experience I wish to repeat.

Pet and I were hauling a load we’d never hauled before: Cole slaw for KFC. It went out of UT into Sacremento, and then down to somewhere else. It’s a tight load, you load out, haul ass to to California, and if you’re prudent with your time, you’re no more than an hour or two early.

We made good time, and ended up at the first delivery point an hour early, at 2 am. The place was dark, gates shut. Our information said it should be open when we got there. Pet’s sleeping in the back, and so I grab the paperwork and and my phone, and head over to see why everything is dark.

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