Furbis Domesticus Mozzius

Yes, I am a big dork. Thank you for noticing.

About a year ago, I adopted a cat from the CAT Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon. I’d lost my cat, Cleo about a year before, and so I’d been catless for a while. To be honest, I was catless from when I started going over the road driving, until I got Mozzie. A few days a month to pop in and say hi to your feline? That’s as good as not having a cat at all.

So, Mozzie has been with us about a year. I don’t remember the exact day, but if I combed through Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure I could find the date. Coincidentally, world cat day was yesterday in a few countries, and Monopoly is putting in a cat token, so now’s as good a time as any to post about Mozzie.

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Professional Dinosaur Question, Really?

Pet’s been working through most of Red Dwarf on Netflix. In one of the seasons, a sparrow gets turned into a dinosaur. There’s a line about the dinosaur eating cow vindaloo, and I went to look it up.

I went to Swag Bucks to search, on the chance I’d win Swag Bucks, and I put in “dinosaur eats cow” and then I stopped, because I wasn’t sure how to spell vindaloo. so I put in V, and it offered to complete it, but I couldn’t see what it was offering for V. So I told it okay.

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