My March Reading List

I’m doing a swap, where I exchange my reading list for March with other people. It’s on Swap Bot, which is home to a great number of interesting swaps. You should check it out.

Anyway, the swap I’m in is an electronic swap, so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone for it: post to my neglected blog, and complete the requirements of the swap. So, here’s my reading list for March.

Novel Shortcuts – Laura Whitcomb

I want to write books, especially young adult novels, and so I’ve managed to get my hands on just about every writing book I can. This was one of those books.
It’s… okay. Not great, but okay.
One of my biggest problems with the book is that she thinks you need to use all these things to make you book interesting. One of those things is a plot device. But to her, a plot device is like starting every chapter with a quote, or writing in diary format. They’re more gimmicks than devices.
She also talks about something called the crosshairs moment. I’m still not sure what it is. It’s either plot points, or the climax of your novel, but she’s not clear.
Shortcut to a Scene is the only chapter that I really liked in the book. I have a lot of trouble mapping out scenes, and plots, to be honest, so I found it useful. Now, I just need to try it.

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