Fused Glass Chessboard

So, I made a glass chessboard. I’d been wanting to make a gameboard for a while. My mother made me a lovely tic tac toe game for my birthday, and I’d been considering making one for a while.

The idea of a chessboard stuck in my mind earlier this week, and so I started cutting tiny squares for it. MY kiln is only 14 inches, which means my kiln shelf is 12 inches, so the largest I can go with anything is about 11.5 inches. This chessboard measures just over 8 inches. I haven’t completely cleaned it, and I haven’t coldworked the edges, so it’s just rough and out of the kiln.

black and white fused glass chessboard laying on a plum purple blanket.

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Letter From A Swap Bot Flaker

I swap all manner of things on Swap Bot, as I’ve posted about before. One of the swaps I joined was a Mad Libs variation, where the swap host created a letter from a flaker. If you don’t use Swap Bot, a flaker is someone who signs up for a swap, but then doesn’t send the item.

Since a number of people visiting my site come from Swap Bot, I thought I’d post the letter that resulted from my Mad Libs. Want to make your own letter? You can find a link to that specific one here, and if you do, paste it in the comments! I’d like to see it.

Dear Sally,

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Happy Tails

I’m stuck up in the greater Seattle area tonight, trapped in Rosie until I deliver at o ‘dark thirty. There are some benefits though, such as a couple good places to eat, and for a change, 4G internet on my phone. So I’m not without the Internet to entertain me tonight.

But, by far the best thing to come out of my unexpected exile? This happy girl.

Large black dog with brown feet and muzzle, wearing a red bandana


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