Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 7

So, last day of postcards, and I thought I’d share some postcards you can purchase online that I think are worth buying. You can get them online through a large retailer like Amazon, or through a smaller, personal seller, like Etsy. Regardless, they’re postcards I like, either that I’ve purchased, or that I’ve seen online and I covet. There are links so you can buy your own.


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Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 6

So, I had to work all day, and I had put up a warning notice here, to let anyone reading know that I wasn’t able to put in comments just yet. The paragraph was deleted, probably because I was impatient, so now I’m coming back and filling it it. It’s almost 8pm, so I’m doing this and going to bed.

On Swap Bot, there’s a series of postcard swaps that are a chunk of cardboard. It’s exactly what it says on the tin: you cut a piece of cardboard out, write on it, and mail it off to someone. I love these swaps, because you never know what you’re going to get, or if someone’s going to embellish the front, or put stickers on it, etc. You just never know, and it’s fun.

I really like this one, it came with a lovely letter on the back. This swapper decorated her cardboard with the pull tags of the tea she likes to drink. I love this, because I am also a tea drinker, and there’s thousands of kinds of tea out there, I can’t see them all. This gives me a neat sampling of the ones she’s tried. thgis is probably my second favorite cardboard postcard.

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Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 5

Okay, so to be fair, these are not my absolute favorite purchased postcards. Most of those have seen mailed out already. And, for some reason, a number of postcards I really like and still have went missing while I was scanning all of these in. You’ll have to content yourself with my favorite current postcards I guess.
As a warning, there’s a bit of language in a couple of these. Nothing too terribly bad, but enough to maybe get a PG-13 rating.

Does a Bear Shit In The Woods Postcard
I picked this postcard up when we went to Seattle for our anniversary last year. It was one of about 25 postcard I’d picked up, because I was a couple month into swapping on Swap Bot. This one makes me giggle, and I was loathe to part with it, simply because I found it so funny. Then in April, I was going across Washington on a rural highway, and I stopped at a gas station to stretch. They were selling this card, so I bought all they had.

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Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 4

Today’s postcards are ones I’ve received from other users on Swap Bot. I’ve probably received a stack 8 inches thick in the year I’ve been swapping there, so narrowing it down was tough. I have more than these as favorites, but I figured I’d quit with 10, or I’d be posting postcards for weeks.
Photograph of Bela Lugosi's Gravestone as a postcard I have a soft spot for Bela Lugosi, due to a relative. Ever see Plan 9 From Outer Space? No? I don’t blame you. But I’m guessing you’ve heard of it, it’s one of the more famous bad movies. Plagued with problems, Bela Lugosi died during filming. Ed Wood cobbled together what he could from footage, including his other movies, but it wasn’t enough. So he hired Tom Mason to be Bela Lugosi’s stand in. He wasn’t an actor, he was a chiropractor. And he was my Great Uncle Bob. True story. I apparently met him, but I was very young and don’t remember. his wife, my Great Aunt Margaret, gave me my first haircut. The only thing I ever really hear from my mother aobut them was that they were convinced they’d live forever.
This postcard came to me for a bizarre/unusual postcard swap.

Milky Way Galaxy, with You Are Here On it This came to me in a random postcard swap, from someone who married a truck driver. I love swapping postcard because you get these wonderful bits of information. According to the postcard, this is not the Milky Way, because “We tried and tried but could not stand far enough away to get the shot.” This galaxy is M81.

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Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 3

So, today’s post are my favorite blank postcards. These are easy, my favorites never get written on and passed out. I just shuffle past them and keep going. I really ought to remove them and stick them where I won’t accidentally write on them. Roadtrains Australia Postcard

This is my favorite postcard ever. I will never get rid of it if I can help it. I love seeing what commercial trucks look like in other countries, and this gives me not just one shot, but 4 different trucks. Favorite. Postcard. Ever.
Funny Greek Postcard

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Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 2

Day 2 of my favorite postcards week is postcards I’ve received from Postcrossing. They’ve come from all over the world, which I think is really awesome. Postcrossing works pretty simply: you make an account, and then request addresses. you address your postcards and send them out, then you wait for them to be received.  Each postcard that is received and registered allows you to send another, and also to return one.

Like I said in my first day, I’ve sent about 100 postcards through Postcrossing, and I really love trying to find postcards people like. I also love seeing what people have picked out for me. I’ve received a bunch of postcards, and it was difficult narrowing down to 10 postcards. But I did, so here’s my current 10 favorite postcards, in no particular order.

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Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 1

I love postcards. As a kid I never thought to collect them, and as a an adult, I never really thought to send them. Then, someone was trying to raise money for eye surgery, and I offered to send out a year of postcards to the winning “bidder.” I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very good at sending out the postcards, but I did amass a pretty good collection of them.

When I joined Swap Bot, I joined a lot of postcard swaps. I quickly learned that the tourist postcards I had weren’t sufficient for a lot of swaps. Turns out many people HATE them, so I needed to find additional postcards. I did swaps, found some online, bought some off Etsy, and stumbled across others. And now I have a sizable collection of postcards.

I also joined Postcrossing, which allowed me to send postcards all over the world, and receive them as well. As of this week, I’ve sent nearly 100 postcards, with 80 of them making it to their destination. Of the other 20, 10 are waiting to be mailed out, and 10 never made it, but I’m trying to send them again.

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Mozzie Wants Out

If you’ve read much of my blog, then you will know I’m crazy about my cat, Mozzie. We’ve had him not quite a year and a half, and he adds so much to the family. Maybe it’s because he’s indoors, and the dogs aren’t, but he’s a character.

Right now, as I type this, he’s sleeping on the back of my office chair, a front leg dangling over each side, eyes closed. It’s so cute how he’ll do that.

We had always guessed Mozzie had been an outdoor cat with his previous family. Last summer, his first summer with us, he managed to escape a couple times by pushing out the screens and squeezing through. My grandmother caught him once, Pet caught him another time. And, he always sat at the doors, looking longingly outside.

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Get Your Ass Outside, or Mount St Helens

Pet and I tend to work strange hours, and that often leads to us planning on doing all kinds of things on Saturday, only to blow it all off in favor of sleep. It’s a frustrating habit that we’ve been trying to break. Last Saturday proved to be an exception.

We were awake by 7:30 in the morning, which is usually only obtainable by gunpoint, or by the needs of the job. But both of us were wide awake and ready to climb out of bed at that time. A few weeks prior I’d had the urge to go see Mount St. Helens, but Pet wasn’t into it. This weekend, I gave her a list of options: Mount St Helens, drive up the Gorge and see the waterfalls and Crown Point, the Mcloughlin House, or something else, but we had to get out and do something.

Pet chose Mount St Helens, and by 9:30 we were off and driving. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive, or about 130 miles, which is nothing for us to drive. We expected some delay in the drive, it was the weekend they closed the I5 in Vancouver, but traffic was light, and we made good time.

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May Reading Log

I was busy in May, managing 8 books this month. I guess that makes up for the lack of reading in April. I had more downtime this month, which translated into reading more. This month was a mix of fiction and non fiction, paper, ebook, and audiobook. It was quite a change from a usual month.

The Siren – Keira Cass
So, this wasn’t the first book of the month for me, but rather, it came after The Elite. I guess I was in a Keira Cass mood this month. This book is… average. And average is probably pretty generous. It feels like a first book, and acts like one, which is a shame, because the idea is impressive.

In this book, the Ocean isn’t inanimate, but a create of her own. And she feeds on humans to survive. When she can’t get enough humans on her own, she uses her sirens to bring more people to their deaths. Kahlen, along with a cast of other sirens, are girls who should have drowned, but the Ocean took pity on them, and allowed them to survive, if they agree to give her 100 years. The catch? They have to be silent around humans, because even a giggle or a shriek makes humans want to drown themselves in the nearest water.

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