I heard a commercial on the radio today that made me think about spin. No,  I’m not talking about the magazine, or the setting on your washer, but the kind used for public relations.

One of the best movies I’ve seen on spin is Thank You For Smoking. If you haven’t see it, or read the book, it’s fantastic. In short, it’s about a guy who works as a spin doctor for Big Tobacco, and how he’s trying to build a better relationship with his son, while going up against a senator who’s deeply against cigarettes.

Here’s one of my favorite examples of how he spins things in his favor.

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June Reading Log

June was not as busy a month as May was. I only managed 3 books this month, unlike 8 in May. Still, I read some books, and they were fairly thick books, so I feel accomplished enough.

This post is for a swap on Swap Bot, which if you like to read, and like to tell people about what you’re reading, you’d probably like. Swap Bot isn’t just people swapping reading things, in fact it’s a small percentage of the swaps. But if you like to trade things with people, Swap Bot is your place.

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