Glass Pokeball (Flat piece)

A year ago, for Christmas 2012, Pet gave me a circle cutter. It’s what I really, really wanted, because cutting circles is really difficult without a circle cutter. I immediately went circle mad, and cut a bunch of circles. Big, little, I even made a few bowls out of them.

I don’t really remember what prompted me to want to make a Pokemon pokeball, but I had the colours out. So I cut one out. I didn’t do a great job, white is damn hard to cut out. So it broke a bit, but I was going to use it. You’ll see where it broke in the photo.

And it sat there. For a year. I finally got the energy to cast the white ring in the center earlier this week, because I’ve been fusing and slumping and casting like a woman possessed. So I tack fused the whole piece, and here it is.

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December Reading Log

5 books in December is nothing scoff at, I guess. It was a busy month, we’re always working extra with more loads, and also my uncle passed away unexpectedly in early December. That meant a house full of people for a couple weeks. I retreated to read quite a bit during that time because I’m a terrible introvert.

In The Hand of the Goddess – Tamora Pierce

I ended up reading this one because I’d re-read the first book for a Carpe Librum challenge last month. I love these books, and I have since I was a kid. Alanna is a fun character, and the problems she goes through makes her feel real, not a Mary Sue. My only conplaint with this book is that it’s heavy handed on the romance and relationships. She turns 15, and everyone who knows she’s a girl starts pledging their love to her, and it’s not subtle.

Crystal Singer – Anne McCaffrey

I read this as a teen, and I re visit it periodically. I always want to get the audiobook version, but it’s abridged, and I can only imagine how it would sound. Killashandra isn’t a perfect character, in fact, I find her pretty damn annoying at times, but the world of Ballybran, and the Crystal Singing, is really creative, and I love how it plays out. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t like this as much as I did as a teen, but I still enjoy this book and the series.

Killashandra – Anne McCaffrey

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