February Reading Log

I managed to read 2 short stories (Good reads counts them as books) and 6 books this month. I’m something like 6 books ahead of my goal of 60 books for the year, but I know as the year moves on, I’ll be too busy to read some weeks, so I’m banking extra books.

The Little Android – Marissa Meyer
This short story ties into Meyer’s Lunar chronicles series, in that it’s a retelling of The Little Mermaid. This one is very Hans Christian Andersen inspired, not Disney. It’s an interesting take on the fairy tale. I quite like how Meyer has been retelling the fairy tales in a new and interesting way. I’d have more to say, but it wasn’t that long and I’m super tired.

Cress – Marissa Meyer
The third book in the Lunar Chronicles, this one is supposed to be about Rapunzel, or as we know her, Cress. She’s one of the few Lunars called a Shell, which means she’s immune to Lunar glamor. She’s spent most of her life on a small satellite, watching the humans, imagining what life would be like on Earth.
This was my least favorite so far of Meyer’s books. I felt like a lot of nothing happened, and it was as far from Rapunzel as it could get. Cress has long, long hair, because she’s never had a chance to get it cut. She ends up on Earth in pretty short order, and her hair gets lopped off. So much for the Rapunzel parallel. We also alternate between scenes with Cress, and scenes with Cinder, and it just feels like the book is taking up time until the stakes are raised enough to make the fourth book necessary. I wish I had more to say, but the book just felt fairly bland to me.

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