March Reading Log

My  March reading log was mostly JD Robb books. I had one other one, that I finished because I was halfway through it and figured why not. But.

The reason my reading log is mostly JD Robb is because one of my goals this year was to re-read the In Death series. Not all of it, but to finish at least the first 10 books. OF the 50 or so books and short stories, I’ve read probably 25 of them. Aside from the first 8 or so, they weren’t in order. My grandmother loves Nora Roberts/JD Robb, so she has most of them, in print, or on audio, so I have been working through them. Also, I drove a lot in March, so I had plenty of time to audiobook them.

Naked in Death – JD Robb
The first of the In Death series, I’m especially fond of this one. Lieutenant Eve Dallas, of the New York Police and Security Deposit is investigating a murder of a licensed companion. Not just any LC, but the granddaughter of a prominent conservative politician. And while she’s doing that, the killer is offing other victims, she’s remembering her past, and the wealthiest man alive has taken an interest in her.
I never cared for Nora Robert’s books, the romance in them is too sappy. But I love the In Death books. They strike the right balance between romance novel and police procedural. The world is fantastic. Set in 2058, guns are banned, most foods are made of soy or veggies, prostitution is legal, cars and fly, and most people eat via AutoChef.
This book has an interesting plotline, and introduces a fascinating cast of characters that keep coming back. I have read it several times and still enjoy it.

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