April Reading Log

I read 10 books in the month of April, which is a pretty healthy sum. I had a goal of 60 books read this year, and including April’s books, I’m at 34. I think I should have set the bar higher.

Vengeance in Death – JD Robb
One of my goals this year, in addition to 60 books, was to read the first 10 books in trhe In Death series. So I’ve been plugging away at them via audiobook. This is book 6 of the series, and one I’ve read before.
In this book, Eve Dallas investigates a series of murders, in which Irish men and women are killed in a manner shockingly similar to the deaths of several Irish men many years before. There’s a tie in to Even’s husband Rourke, who was instrumental in the first series of murders.
I did enjoy this one, because it gave us more of Summerset and Rourke’s backstories. This was a re-read, so I remember the killer from before, but it was still enjoyable. And unlike some of these novels, Eve manages to home in on the killer before the end. I find that more enjoyable than her wandering about without a real lead until the last moment. And this one’s an interesting killer, not just in the forms of murder, but the reasoning, and the parts of the chapters told from his point of view.

Holiday in Death – JD Robb
Book 7 in the In Death series deals with Christmas, and people being murdered that used a dating service called Personally Yours. I didn’t much care for the murder aspect of this novel, because I felt the killer was pretty flimsy. The way they tied him to the dating service was almost too weak to be a plot.
What I did like was the non murder stuff. We get more of Peabody, who’s my favorite character, and we get a healthy dose of McNab, who’s also a character I like. We also get to see how Eve deals with suddenly having friends and family to care for, and to buy gifts for. I loved seeing her try and sort out the feelings for her friends. Pity the murder wasn’t too great.
Conspiracy in Death – JD Robb
Of all the In Deaths I read this month, this is my favorite. A homeless man is found dead, his heart surgically removed with a surgeon’s skill. The cop that finds him hates Eve with a passion that doesn’t just border on crazy, it goes right over the edge into lunacy.
From there, Eve has to investigate skilled surgeons, which causes waves. The surgeons are a close knit group, and are unwilling to turn over information on someone who might be one of their own, and they use their clout to try and get Eve taken off the case. Eve pushes back, and they up the stakes and really try and take her off the case.
I love the conspiracy behind this, the sheer number of people involved. It’s a complicated plot, and results in a lot of people being involved with the murders. While it’s not as fascinating as the Icove plot, which comes in a later book, it’s sufficiently complicated, with Eve homing in on the killers, and not leaving it until the very last minute.
Also, Louise diMatto is introduced, and she’s one of my favorite really minor characters.

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