My to Be Read Pile

Ahh, the to be read pile. If I actually had a physical copy of every book I have on my to be read pile, I would have to clear out one of the spare bedrooms. Seriously, it’s that big of a pile. I was actually thinking of my reading goals, and of the spare books floating about my house, and my to-read pile on Goodreads, and it’s pretty impressive.

So I signed up for a swap on Swap Bot, dealing with the “to be read” pile. Since it’s an electronic swap and I can put it on a blog, I’m using it at blog fodder. I’m sure people are thrilled with my non stop book and cat posts.

So, while I’m whiling away time before work playing Cookie Clicker, I’ll answer the questions. And hopefully get more cookies.

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Mom! I smell mouse!

I spent most of today in bed with a migraine, but I finally felt decent this evening. I wanted to pre fire a bowl, so I headed into the shop, and Mozzie decided to come hang out with me. Nonny recently re-organized the shop, and so there’s lots of new stuff to explore. I think Mozzie smelled a mouse, because he was sure interested in that shelf.

Mom! I smell a mouse!

Bookish Countdown Survey

This is for a swap on Swap Bot, and wants a countdown, from 10, to 1. Well, here we go:

10 Books Already Released That Are On My Wishlist:
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Seth Grahame-Smith
Dune – Frank Herbert
Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson
Holes – Louis Sachar
Parasite – Mira Grant
Judgement in Death – JD Robb
Sebastian – Anne Bishop
A Clash of Kings – George RR Martin

9 Favorite Covers
Across the Universe - Beth Revis       The Selection - Kiera CassPure - Julianna Baggott

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August Reading Log

I was busy in July, but I still managed to notch 10 books in my “read” belt. Some were short reads, like Playing with Power and The Seventh Princess, some were much longer, like 1984 and Bitten. I actually wrote reviews of a few of these, so I’m going to do some copying and pasting of them. Hope you don’t mind.

I also managed to fulfill one of my reading goals for the year: read 60 books. Book #60 was The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau.

Magic’s Pawn – Mercedes Lackey
Oh Vanyel. Vanyel, Vanyel. Vanyel. I LOVED this trilogy when I was younger, and my heart would always bleed for poor Vanyel. Misunderstood, in love with a guy who probably didn’t love him enough, and gifted with talents that he didn’t want.

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