Crow With a Mouth

I came across this gem on the Huffington Post today. It’s a short video, but if you want to skip the unimportant parts, skip ahead to the 0:30 mark.

There’s apparently some arguments (on the Internet, who would have imagined?!) that the crow is actually saying “Thank you.” Given that this video was taken at a DMV, I think it’s possible for that to be the alternative. However, since it was taken at a DMV, I’m far more likely to think it learned “Fuck you.” from the disgruntled people leaving the DMV.

What do you think? Thank you or Fuck you?

September Reading Log

You’d think I would have accomplished more than 4 books this month, but I didn’t. I had 2 audiobooks, a children’s book, and a travelogue.

Wicked Lovely — Melissa Marr

I’d read this series of books a while ago, up to book 3 of 5, and then I just quit. When I was browsing my audiobooks, I stumbled across this one, and decided I’d re-listen to them all, and actually finish them this time.

I’m not so sure I’ll finish them, because I find these books pretty dull. There’s not a lot of action or mystery, or suspense, or really anything interesting in the first 80%.

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