I can’t say if the accident rate for big trucks is the same as for cars, but I do know when you’re piloting something that’s 75 feet long, hitting things, or going where you’re not supposed to happens. I don’t have a hunge number of accident or damage photos, because generally when I saw other trucks getting damaged, or in a ditch, I was driving. Whipping out a phone then isn’t a nice time. And to be fair, often I was in shitty conditions, so a phone in hand is a bad, bad idea.

That being said, I have come across a few pictures of damage that might be interesting. None of these are damage I was involved in. They were all in my old yard, before my company was absorbed, and yes, I did call and check on all the damage, or report it if necessary.

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January Reading Log

The Last Unicorn – Peter S Beagle
The movie of this book is one of my favorites, and the book is one of my favorites as well. I read it in high school, and try to revisit it from time to time. It tells the story of the last unicorn in the world, one who lives in a lilac wood, and finds out through hunters that she is the last. She sets off to find the others, and picks up a bumbling magician named Schmendrick and a woman named Molly Grue.

What I love about this book is it’s beautifully written. Beagle is a wizard not only with words, but with characters. They know they’re in a fairy tale, and they know how things are supposed to go. Even the small characters matter, and Beagle writes them in ways that don’t make them boring or cookie cutter. There’s a tree that falls in love with Schmendrick, and watchman of Haggard’s castle that have their own personalities. And the descriptions are beautiful!

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