November Reading Log

Only two books read this month, and both were chosen for me. In contrast, it’s 6 days into December, and I’ve been through 3.5 books. I guess some months I’m just not up to reading.

The Bone Doll’s Twin – Lynn Flewelling

This book was picked for me for a swap on Swap Bot.┬áThis was picked for me for pick my next read #12. I had it in audiobook format, and since I’m not driving right now, I had to get it from the library. I read it on my trip to southern California in early November. It was.. ok?

It’s a high fantasy novel, set in a country where women have lead for centuries, and when they lead, the country prospers. Currently, there’s a man on the throne, and plagues, famine, and drought are problems. Things keep happening to the women of the King’s line, and they die. There’s a prophecy that a woman of the old line will come and lead everyone to prosperity and set things right, but no one’s surviving to do it.

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