December Reading Log

I decided to fill December with shorter, easier to read books. I came into December 10 books short of my 60 books this year goal, so shorter books would help me close the gap. I still blame the car accident on why my reading this year was low.

The Last Sunset – Frank Mongomery

This book is terrible. First, it doesn’t make any sense, and second, the formatting is crap. It’s a good thing it was free, otherwise I would have been really put out.

The book starts out mid story, so I’m guessing it’s the second book of the series. A meteor has struck the earth, and wiped out a large number of the population. Kristina is sitting on a lunar base with a baby, wondering about her husband. Her husband is on earth, wondering about her. Her husband has someone else staying with her, and spend a lot of time using the “As you know, Bob…” trope, to explain how to survive, why he was a prepper, etc etc. It gets old quick.

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