Glass Mess

This should have a subtitle: Or, why I am not a neat person.

I have never been a neat person. Even in my 30s, my bedroom is about as clean as a teenagers, and my living room alternates between “looks pretty decent” and “bomb has gone off.”

The same mess surrounds my glass workshop. I could make a pretentious comment about how artists need mess to create, but that’s most likely bullshit, so I won’t.

I’m just a messy person. That’s all.

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Year of Cakes – Cake 2

I meant to have my second cake up in May, but life keeps getting in the way.

I made this one for my step mother, Phyllis. Her birthday was in January (I know, posting 6 months late), and the one thing you should know about Phyllis is that she loves gardening. Seriously loves gardening. She’s turned my grandfather’s large auxillery garden into a flower and fruit garden, and she’s wedded and pruned and planted all long the driveway from their place up to the junction in the driveway where my grandmother’s splits off. Gardening is Phyllis’ life.

I knew I wanted to put a flower on her cake. Originally, I thought about covering the cake in buttercream, then modeling chocolate in a nice bright shade of yellow. Then I was going to make a big flower to put on top.

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May Reading Log

So, I technically managed 5 books this month, but one of them is the last 1/3 of a series that I’ve already covered. Two of the other books are parts 1 and 2 of a 3 part series (with part 3 to be released this month).

Love and Decay, Volume Eight – Rachel Higginson

The final volume of the third season of Love and Decay ties the last 2 2/3 seasons together. Reagan, Haley, The Parkers, and the others in their group are in Mexico, trying to get to Columbia. Of course, nothing’s as easy as it seems, and they’re still fighting enemies from the former US, as well as new problems in Mexico.

I really liked this series, and didn’t want it to come to an end. The last volume was the hardest to read: there’s a LOT going on that’s not easy on all the characters. They have to face the Big Bad of the previous 2 seasons, plus all the crap that’s going on in Mexico. In the last episode, they make it to Columbia, and it’s been a harrowing journey.

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