Have you encountered InspiroBot yet? It was all the rage on Facebook in July. It’s a computer AI that creates inspirational images, like the ones you see on Facebook.

I did a swap on Swap Bot, where you went to the website and had it create some inspirational images/quotes. Then you shared them. The last two are my favorite, but these are all gems.

The government can be like a double bed... But obviously not for those who are not in on the joke.

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June Reading Log

I read 5 books in June: 1 short story, one fully length novel, and the re-listens of 3 audiobooks. I’d listened to American Gods last month, in a full cast, so I chose the Immortal quartet because it’s also a full cast.

One Hundred Ablutions – Jacqueline Carey

This is a short story (maybe 30 pages) that I’d been meaning to read for years, but only just recently got to do so. It’s a really quick read, although it takes a while to let it sink in.

Dala’s people, the Keren, are in service to the Shaladan. While they’re slaves, the Keren don’t seem to mind it too terribly. Dala knows she’s a slave, but as long as she’s not chosen to be a handmaid of Shakrath, she’s fine with her life. As luck would have it, there’s a shortage of merchant girls to be chosen for handmaids, and so Dala must participate in the choosing ritual.

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