January Reading Log

9 books read this month, although I’ll be lumping 3 of them together, one more’s a short short book, and one’s a short story, so it’s really more like 6 this month. Still, books read are books read.

The Worst End User – Sam Swicegood
This was an also bought on Amazon for the IT Newbie, which I read and reviewed in December. I was glad this was on Kindle Umlimited, as I really didn’t want to pay nearly $7 for 44 pages. It was definitely worth part of my KU money though, as while it’s short, it’s entertaining.

A series of short stories about work tech support, there’s a reoccuring problem user: Jack. Thanks to nepotism, he has a job where the author works, and has managed to weasel his way into a position that lets him take the author’s laptop to surf the web, and not have to do work. The author finally gets revenge on Jack. I would have liked to read more about those two interacting, but I don’t think the author could have handled any more Jack.

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