Who’s Smadronia?


Me circa February 2010 in Las Vegas, as Siegfried and Roy’s Hidden Garden.

I’m Smadronia, in real life I’m known as Stephanie. I’ve used this name online since the mid 1990s, and once domain names became affordable, I purchased this one and never let go. My website has taken on many forms over the years, but this blog style is easiest to maintain.

That explains the blog, but not me. I’m in my mid thirties, live in Oregon, and am a professional driver. I’ve been driving for more than 9 years, starting with one company that hauled temperature controlled freight, and moving the company that bought that one out. I spent 4.5 years driving long haul, delivering food, with my best friend, and now wife, Pet. Yes, that’s a nickname. Now I spent my time hauling cardboard to a paper mill, and bringing back brown paper for paper bags and boxes. It’s not exciting work, but it allows me to listen to a large number of audiobooks.

It read quite a bit, and not just by listening to audiobooks. This blog has become a place for my reading logs, and other reviews of books. Even if I shirk all my other postings, I still make sure to write up a monthly reading log. Goodreads is how I keep track of all of my books.

I’m an aspiring writer. Well, I guess if you write, you’re not aspiring. I aspire to be published one day, whether traditionally, or by going the indie route and self publishing. For all I know, 2016 is the year! I enjoy writing Young Adult fiction, and paranormal.

I love to cook, which has spread from learning to bake bread, to making cakes, and cooking all kinds of meals. My work keeps me from cooking as much as I’d like. It’s not acceptable to cook at midnight if the rest of your household keeps a daylight schedule, so I’m restricted to cooking and baking mostly on the weekends.

I also enjoy creating things with my hands. I dabble in crafts a bit, but I’m passionate about kilnformed glass. I love it. I was introduced to the art through a Groupon, and it was downhill ever since. I enjoy making a lot of bowls and plates, and potentially useful items, but lately I’ve also wanted to explore art, simply for art’s sake.

I enjoy games, although I’ll admit most of preferred games are on the computer. I have played World of Warcraft since launch, and dabble in a dozen other different games, although not always at the same time. I’m not a skilled gamer by any means, and I will call myself a dumpster fire of a player if given a chance, but that doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the games. Pet is also a gamer, and we attend Blizzcon every year we can. Our seventh attendance was 2015, and we hope for an 8th in 2016.

Pet and I have a lovely cat named Mozzie. He’s our kid, and while he’s nowhere as needy or time comsuming as a real, human child, he does bring to mind some of the same questions. Like,  like how does something so small contain so much vomit? Mozzie is my furry boy, and I’m very, very fond of him. Yes, he’s named for Mozzie from White Collar, but my Mozzie has far more hair, and far less brains. Mozzie, a white cat with black tail and spots on the ears and chin Mozzie was a rescue cat, and was adopts from the CAT Adoption Team of Sherwood, OR. They have an agreement with the local Petsmart to dispay adoptable cats, and when I saw him with his big green eyes, he broke my heart. He broke my grandmother’s heart too, and she’s not a cat person. So he came home, and he rules the house.

For all my love of art, I am not much of a photographer. I have enlisted the help of DepositPhotos.com to help me with headers for my blog. I took the photos of the Glass House at the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, the shot of the Oregon coast, and the runoff of a stream over the beach, also on the Oregon Coast. The other images: Mt Hood, Cherry Blossoms, Old Books, Millifiori Glass, and the Koi, are all courtesy of Deposit Photos. I chose them because the represent things I enjoy or am associated with. If you would like specific links to each, i’m happy to provide them, just drop me a line on the contact form.