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So, this is the other blog for my blog post swap. Again, I feel really fortunate that this was my second blog, because Bev is one of those dedicated people who posts every day. I feel bad for the folks who ended up with me, because I post infrequently, and not about anything specific, so it’s probably hard to say much about my site in a blog post.

Anyway, onto the actual post.

The blog is Airy Persiflage, and it’s a mirror of Bev’s daily journal Funny The World. If you like reading about someone’s life, then you’d like her blog. Her entry in October 3 was about cooking, which I found fascinating, since I cook. I giggled when it read it, apparently when she was engaged to her husband, she found a picture of an orange strawberry together, as a food presentation. She showed her husband the photo, and told him she was going to prepare those kinds of meals for him.

She meant that she was going to make beautiful dishes. How I read it though, made me giggle. I can imagine her husband looking at the plate, and wondering if an orange and strawberry were going to be enough to eat, and if his wife (or at the time, wife to be) thought he needed to lose weight.

Bev posts on all kinds of things, including Cankle Awareness Month. I didn’t even know there was a Cankle awareness month. Only in our day and age would we be super concerned about cankles…  She makes an excellent point, even with the recession, and the lack of money, there are still people having procedures to suck fat out of their ankles…

And another post to illustrate Bev’s style, and one I loved, was Through The Looking Glass. Her week wasn’t great, and all of these people and things kept popping out of the woodwork, acting like the characters in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I loved her use of the characters to explain everything that was going on.

At any rate, I really enjoyed Airy Persiflage, and if you like reading about someone’s daily life, then you probably will too.

9 thoughts on “Airy Persiflage – A Daily Blog

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. I had to laugh that you mentioned cankle awareness. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine when I wrote that that it would be THE most searched entry, by far. I really appreciate your taking the time to make this a thorough review.

    • I actually found the cankle post from the sidebar in your blog. The one that shows what page people are reading? I saw cankles, and decided I HAD to read that. It was great

  2. I like these swaps to see what other people write in hopes to make my blog better.
    chrissyh418 swap-bot follow me

  3. Nice review! I am writing yours as we speak.
    Unfortunately I also belong to the group of people who posts infrequently, so no worries 🙂

  4. Things have really changed these days. I remember back in my younger years when I have to hide my diary under lock and key. It is the most sacred thing ever that everything in there is top secret. But technology has changed it all. We can write down our thougths over th internet for everyone to see, which in most cases are useful and informational to others.

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    • One thing I’ve noticed with blogs versus diaries, is when you blog, you often realize there’s a chance someone’s going to read it, so you don’t divulge all your secrets.

      At least, I don’t. I know this is a public blog, so I keep what I’m going to say to things that won’t come back and bite my butt later on. You’ll almost never hear me talk about my job, or complain about it, because I know I could be fired for that.

      The private stuff for me still gets written down, just somewhere private.

  5. I just check the blog you were recommend, really neat daily journal 🙂
    First time I made the account for blog I promised myself to always make a post everyday…but, yeah… >_< #embarrassed

    Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)

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