Our Anniversary Vacation – Part 4

Part 1 – King Tutankhamun Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center
Part 2 – The rest of the exhibit
Part 3 – The Butterfly House at the Pacific Science Center

This one is short, I need some time to crop pictures and get a couple big posts going, so only 2 photos here.

After the museum, we wanted lunch, so we headed to a place my cousin and her boyfriend knew, called the 5 Point Cafe. The place is best described as a dive, and sadly I didn’t think to take a photo of it. Food was good though, I finally tried a Woodchuck hard cider, which wasn’t bad at all.

Apparently the men’s bathroom has a “periscope” which isn’t exactly like it sounds. Rather, it’s a chimney of sorts that’s open at the top, with a piece of glass in the bottom. My cousin’s boyfriend said you can see a tree.

The women’s bathroom was full of interesting grafitti. I love bars and dives, and little holes in the wall, because the bathrooms always have the most interesting grafitti. It’s one thing I learned driving cross country. The other thing I learned is men make better bathroom grafitti than women.

The 5 Point Cafe is located right near the Chief Seattle Statue, so I did the tourist thing and took photos.

Copper Chief Seattle Statue in Tillikum Place

Here’s the statue proper, which apparently weighs between 300 and 400 pounds, and it about 100 years old. He’s up on a big block of rock, I don’t know if it’s to elevate him, or just make it harder for vandals to get to him.


Around him is a pool, with 4 bear fountain heads. He ends up about 8 feet above the base of the pool, if you were crazy enough to wade into it. I wasn’t.

One of the Bear Fountainheads below the Chief Seattle Statue


Here’s one of the bear fountain heads. Pet and I joked that it should be named Mozzie, in honour of our cat, who drools a steady stream if you’ll let him. No joke, my cat will drip from the top of his 4 foot tall cat perch, to the floor, in a steady stream. It’s both endearing, and really disgusting.



After lunch, my cousin and her boyfriend took off for a reddit meetup, and Pet and I went on the hunt for a glass blowing studio not far from the 5 Point Cafe. We ended up locating the Seattle Glass Blowing Studio.

I’ve never blown glass, but I want to. And having gone to that glass blowing studio, I REALLY want to learn. Pet and I must have spent a half hour there watching them blow glass. The back is set up with several workstations, and there were 3 or 4 people working glass. There’s a ropes off area that lets you observe, and it was fascinating to watch them work the glass.

They also have a shop, and Pet and I wandered it for a while. There was a beautiful glass gourd I wanted, but I was trying to watch both my money, and the amount of knock knacks I collect. Now that I’m home all the time, it’s too easy to acquire stuff you really don’t need.

After the glass blowing, Pet and I decided to head back to the Pacific Science Center, and see if we could get re entry to check out a couple things. Instead, we ended up in my favorite museum of the entire trip – Chihuly Garden and Glass.

But, that’s another post. Part 5 and 6, if I don’t miss my guess.

11 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Vacation – Part 4

  1. That bear head fountain is so neat to see. It looks like you have been having a great anniversary vacation! (swellmomma from swap-bot follow me #5 swap)

  2. You must have had a lot of fun! That statue is so cool over a hundred years old! I would love to try glass blowing as well(:

    kcody03 swap-bot follow me #5 swap

  3. It seems that you have had such a lovely and amazing anniversary vacation *-*
    -Jungpo (follow me #5)

  4. I love that you named your cat Mozzie! I am a big fan of White Collar.
    I’m not sure I am so much in love with the thought of car drool though. But since the character Mozzie is such a one-off kind of human being, it’s only right that the cat version of Mozzie be the same. 🙂
    Liz (Lizziefx – Follow Me #6)

  5. So I am assuming the Chihuly Garden is as good as I have heard. Dives are always an entity of their own, it sounds like the 5 Point Cafe is worth a visit. Looking forward to some more posts about your anniversary trip.
    JustIngrid Follow Me #6

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