Our Anniversary Vacation – Part 1

Pet and I celebrated our eighth anniversary together on August 13. Hard to believe we’ve been together that long without killing each other, but we have. We’ve also never celebrated an anniversary. Usually we take time off to go to Blizzcon, but it’s not happening this year.

So on a whim, we decided to head to Seattle. Pet had been talking about seeing the King Tutankhamun exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, so this was an opportune time to go. We decided we’d see King Tut, go the Experience Music Project, head down to the Pike to get some awesome tea, and maybe hit up the car museum in Tacoma on the way back.

We arranged some vacation time, booked a room, packed up Petsmart, and we were on our way. And so began our 4 day mini vacation.

Did I mention Pet gave me my excellent anniversary gift early? She gave me Necomimi!

Stephanie in her Necomimi

If you’ve never heard of Necomimi, they’re brain wave activated cat ears. You put them on, and make sure they’re clipped to your ear and the front bit is on your forehead, and when you turn them on, they wiggle. I’ve wanted a pair since I heard about them over a year ago. Pet wanted me to have a set so I could enjoy them while we were in Seattle.

This picture was taken pre trip, in our poorly lit bathroom, but you can see how they look.

The first day of our vacation was spent making a late exit out of Portland, and getting stuck in Tacoma traffic. Once we made it to our hotel, we met my awesome cousin and her boyfriend for dinner, and then crashed out.

The next day was King Tut. We met my cousin and her boyfriend at the Pacific Science Center. Not knowing where would be the best spot to park, Pet and I left early, and ended up there about 40 minutes early. So, we killed some time looking at statues right outside the outdoor entrance to the science center. Bronze Whale Tail at The Pacific Science Center

This big bronze whale tail seemed to be a hit with tourists, lots of people were getting their pictures taken posing around and under it.

Bronze Flying Pig Outside The Pacific Science Center
I thought the flying pig was cute. My mom has been known to collect pigs in the past, and I know a couple of flying pigs have made it her way, courtesy of me, so this made me think of her.

Bronze Octopus Outside The Pacific Science Center
Octopus! I want to see a giant one some day, along with a giant squid.

My cousin was a sweetheart and purchased tickets for all four of us, and we took off for the tour. I was surprised to see that they’d allow us to take photos in the exhibit. The only thing was that you couldn’t use a flash. Plenty of people seemed to be ignoring this.

One thing I learned while seeing the exhibit: the folks who paid for the audio tour turned into the rudest people imaginable once inside. They’d gather right in front of an exhibit, put the audio thing right to their ear, and then get this glazed expression while they listened. They weren’t looking at the item in the case, they were concentrating on the words, and standing right in the damn way. Grrr.

Statue of King TutankhamunSo, this is a statue of King Tutankhamun himself. This statue is pretty good sized, like maybe 10 feet? I don’t know how tall it was originally, but it was impressive. They had it up on a wall, a good 8 feet above the crowd, and it dominated this specific wall.


Statue of King Tutankhamun - CloseupWhat really surprised me about a lot of artifacts in the exhibit was how well they held up. This is a closeup of my first photo, take a look at the paint. As far as I know, they didn’t retouch the statue, so this is how it’s looked for ages.

Apparently Tutankhamun was the grandson, or of Amenhotep IV, hence why there’s an “amen” in his name. Amenhotep IV was the pharaoh who tried to get all Egyptians to worship one god, the sun god Aten, and him as the earthy representative of this new, singular god. It didn’t work out so well.

Statue of Amenhotep Amenhotep’s idea of one god, Aten, weren’t that well recieved. Imagine that, you have hundreds of people associated with religion that one day are told, “Your services are no longer needed” and you expect them to be okay with that? King Tutankahmun worked to restore the old gods to their former positions, but didn’t make a lot of progress before he died. When he died, many references to him were removed, and the people who were working to reinstate the old worshiping practices pretended that whole debacle never existed.

Wooden Coffin of Queen MeritamunOne thing about the exhibit is that it wasn’t just King Tut. It’s a bunch of Egyptian artifacts from that time, in different groupings. This inner coffin is from the room after the King Tut statue, and it covered some of the gods in ancient Egypt. I think the occupant was Queen Meritamun, and the detail was amazing. I used my crappy Samsung Droid Charge and most of my photos are shaky or blurry. I blame my lack of photography skills, and the fact I was trying to take photos quickly.

Collar of Princess Neferuptah

This is the collar of Princess Neferuptah. Her name sounds like she’s never interrupt yah. Sorry, lousy joke. I think that I find the most interesting of this piece, and on several others, is that there’s a counterweight. I never would have thought about it, but it makes sense, if your collar or necklace is heavy, why would you want it to drag down and hurt the back of your neck?

Necklace and Pectoral of MereretI’d never heard of a necklace of any sort being called a pectoral, but that’s what this one is called. Officially it’s the necklace and pectoral of Mereret. From what I remember, Mereret was a queen, and the necklace represents her husband, the king, along with a vulture, and a couple of sphinxes. I don’t remember all the details, other than it’s made with Lapis Lazuli, which I love.

And, rather than make this too long, I’m going to split the King Tutankhamun exhibit up into two posts. Part two will be accessible here.

9 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Vacation – Part 1

  1. Congratulations on your 8th anniversary, looks like you two have built a strong, lasting love which is sadly a rare thing sometimes so cherish it. Also it looks like you had an awesome time on vacation, I’m jealous. XD

    Cookie Crumble…Xx.

  2. Happy Anniversary (and congratulations on not yet killing each other.)
    This trip looks like so much fun! 🙂
    (Washi – Swapbot)

  3. I found you on swap-bot and yet you’re so close to me! I’m an hour away from Seattle, that’s my “big city” and of course I’ve been there innumerable times.
    LOVE that banner.
    And very interested in reading about the exhibit. It’s close but way too expensive to take all my kids to…
    I thought about going all by myself but it’s not /that/ interesting 🙂
    Great blog!
    janelwashere – Follow Me Swap

  4. Congrats!!!! 8 years that is something. It’s been a total of 12 for us and I still can’t believe we haven’t killed each other too. 🙂 It looks like you took an amazing vacation.
    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  5. You make me LOL at the first few lines of the post. LOL. The present is cool! You should took a video of it keke.

    — cfchai (Swap: Follow me #7)

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