April Reading Log

Yes, I realize that the last post I did was a March reading log. I was busy in April, lots of work, and Camp Nanowrimo. I’ll post again soon. I hope

It’s May, which means I hosted another swap on Swap Bot for a reading log, this time for the month of April. Here’s my reading log, it’s a whole 2 books.

The Host – Stephenie Meyer

If you haven’t heard about The Host, it’s the adult science fiction book by the famous Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer. And if you disliked Twilight, like I did, you won’t like The Host.

It’s boring! A whole lot of NOTHING happens. If you’re not familiar with the book, or the movie, here’s a summary: aliens called Souls are a parasitic species that takes over a compatible host’s body, so they can experience life in that body and that world. While occupied by a soul, most people’s own souls go away, leaving the bodies a shell for the Souls to occupy easily.

Souls have taken over Earth, their reasoning is humanity was ready to annihilate each other, and the world, so the Souls started taking humans as hosts. By the time most people figured out what was happening, Souls inhabited most everyone. There’s a few pockets of human resistors, in groups and solos, and Melanie Stryder is one of those humans.

She tries to kill herself rather than be occupied by a Soul, and they save her anyway, and implant Wanderer, a Soul who’s lived 8 lives, all on different planets. Wanderer has trouble adjusting to Melanie’s body, because Melanie won’t fade away. Eventually, she starts losing control, and agrees to go find the humans Melanie knew before she tried to die.

Wanderer, with Melanie trapped inside, finds a pocket of human resistors, and eventually becomes a part of them. One of the resistance is Jared, a man Melanie was in love with before she became a Host. Wanderer experiences conflicting feelings about many things: Souls taking human hosts, love for Jared, fitting in, and other things.

That’s about all there is to the novel. The concept is fascinating, and I would have loved to learn more about the Souls and their life, but we only get a couple of infodumps in the books, and we know very little else. It’s disappointing. And the other things that bothered me was there’s not a lot to the book: Wanderer wakes up in Melanie’s body, we get a condensed version of her few months there, she agrees to take Melanie to the resistance, they get there, and they spend 90% of the rest of the book there. It’s daily life and minutia, which is boring. There’s almost no conflict, and the book is like 600 pages long. I didn’t like Twilight for the same reason: boring, almost no conflict.

The Boss – Abigail Barnette

This isn’t a printed book, but a free serial that you can download online. It comes out twice a month, on the first and the fifteenth, and it’s an erotic novel. If you don’t like explicit sex, then skip this.

However, if you don’t mind expliciti sex, or you were fond of 50 Shades of Grey, or other erotic novels, then you might like this book. It details a relationship between Sophie Scaife, formerly the second assistant to the head of a fashion magazine, and Neil Elwood, the new ownder of the fashion magazine.

Six years before the novel begins, Sophie and Neil spent one night together, she claiming to be 20, not 18, and he claiming to be named Leif. He left before she woke up, taking her plane ticket to Tokyo and leaving money in it’s place.

Sophie hasn’t forgotten that night, and neither did Neil. When they meet up 6 years later, the rekindle their relationship. Kinky sex follows.

Full disclosure, I’m on the street team for this one, so it’s my job to “pimp” the serial to encourage people to read it. I also read it for fun, and I enjoy it. Sophie is complicated, and there’s a whole cast of interesting characters that makes the world feel real.

If you want to check it out, you can read it for free at http://abigailbarnettestheboss.blogspot.com/

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  1. I’ll take your word for it I disliked the Twilight series too. Finally someone else besides me. 🙂

    Blog Comment Hop #1 – j3ss1ca

  2. So glad you reviewed Host! I was thinking about reading it. I did read the Twilight books and thought they were good but shallow. Don’t think I will bother with Host. What an excellent concept…to bad she couldn’t develop it well.

    The Boss sounds good! I didn’t like fifty because it was also shallow and seemed useless to me. My sisters lOVED it! DId like the sex….I’ll try reading The Boss. Thanks for the reviews. Really cool info 🙂

    TangoAlphaMike Blog Hop #1

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