August Reading Log

I only managed to read two things in August. Largely that was due to my getting married on August 13. That’s right, I’m a Mrs. now, although I’ll probably keep going by Ms. Smadronia. Pet and I married on our 11th anniversary, in a simple wedding at our house, and a reception. We had a great wedding.

Now, onto the books. One’s a novella, part of a serial I’m assuming, and the other was a short story.

Blood Lust – Wren Winter

Sarah Lincoln nearly gets kidnapped by ghouls, mindless slaves of the vampire Victor Reagan. She gets rescued by two guys, Isaiah and Jason, who apparently go around protecting people from vampires. They expect to be paid. She doesn’t have money, so she offers them sex. Oh yeah, this is apparently an erotic novel. They get interested in sex, and then the vampire shows up, and then they’re on the run.

The novel tries to balance the erotic portion with the idea that for some reason, Victor Reagon wants Sarah. We never do find out why. But it doesn’t balance well. Sarah is an idiot. She offers two random guys sex, and then tries to run from them, even though they’re protecting her. She’s too dumb to realize that traps are being laid for her, and she alternates between being terrified of monster hunters A and B (Isiah and Jason), and lusting for them. She has sex with one, and a blow job with the other, but none of it is really sexy.

This book needs an editor, because there are typos all over, and little inconsistencies. While she’s having sex, she’s wearing a skirt, then after they’re done, she’s pulling jeans on. They call her miss Lincoln, but the book doesn’t capitalize Miss. It’s just a mess.

Certainly not worth me spending more money on the series to find out why she’s so popular with this random vampire.

Snow, Glass, Apples – Neil Gaiman

This is a re imagining of the Snow White fairy tale, as told through the eyes of  the”Wicked Stepmother.”

This one was pretty chilling. In this, Snow White is not a peaceful, sweet maiden, but instead hungry for blood, and with the ability to enslave others. It’s a deconstruction of the fairy tale, and it’s worth reading. Interested? It’s up here. I recommend copying and pasting into another format, the layout of the blog makes it difficult to read.