One last post for the year: between my Intro to Fusing and my Squares and Rectangles I took another class at Aquila Glass School: Intro to Beadmaking. It’s a 2 hour class using Bullseye glass in rods to create beads. I had a lot of fun doing it, and it sparked an interest in torchworking beads.

Regretfully, I only have one photograph of the beads I made that’s clear, and since it’s late, I’m not going to try and get another one.  So here it is:

A hand holding 8 torchworked beads, and one bead broken in half.


The first bead I made is the round clear one to the right of the weird looking green one. Leah, my instructor, suggested our first bead be made of clear, so we can remember which one it is. Funnily enough, that’s the roundest, nicest of my beads.

There are two triangle beads, which was mre favorites. You can just see one of the blue ones, sandwiches between the yellow/orange one and the first clear, and the pink swirl. The other triangle is above the weird green bead. The funny looking line through it is actually the hole.

The yellow/orange and the pink/white are my swirly beads. Bullseye glass has the consistency of honey when it melts, allowing you to swirl colours together nicely. The yellow/orange one also had bits of dots on it, but since it was my first time handling a torch, they went all funny, so I swirled them in.

I attempted a bit of lampworking, adding those neat dots, to the white bead with the green dots, and the one broken in half. Those dots are harder to put on than I realized, especially since I had to keep the bead warm so they’d stick, but not too hot, otherwise they’d melt in. And, to add to it, the glass rod that the dots were coming from had to be hot, but not too hot, and not too much of it hot, or you get big blobs. The other side of that white bead had decent lampworking dots. Then I got blobs and said, “fuck it.”

There’s a lopsided cobalt blue bead, I tried to replicate my first bead with no luck, and the weird green bead. That’s adventurine green, which is a beautiful shiny colour with sparkle, and it was put over a base layer of white. The green isn’t transparent, exactly, but it will let a little light in, and when put over white, it’s easier to see. It was supposed to be an oblong bead, but then it turned out sort of wonky, and again, I went “Fuck that” and left it.

I want to torch more beads, but I either need to get a torch of my own, or make the drive to Aquila and work with their torch. The only problem with going to Aquila is that it’s an hour drive from my house, so I have to put more planning into going than I would with visiting the tea store or even Bullseye.

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  1. Well, this post seems interesting! I didn’t know that you can actually design beads! It looks like fun to turn it into a business or something.

    My parents did beading when I was young, and they both enjoyed it.


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    abigail ^^

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