The Burning Crusade Turns 10

The Burning Crusade logo

10 years ago today, Blizzard Entertainment released The Burning Crusade, the first expansion for World of Warcraft. I remember waiting anxiously for the release because I really, really wanted an alliance shaman, and this would be my chance.

I got really lucky in ordering my expansion. Back in 2007, I didn’t have Amazon Prime. I ordered my copy of The Burning Crusade, and took the standard free shipping that Amazon was offering on all purchases over $25. Jamie, my roommate at the time, had paid for 1 day shipping. Pet had some complaint with her order, and they upgraded her to 1 day shipping as well.

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Past Blizzcons!

I write for the blog for Azeroth Adoption Agency, which is WoW guild that’s devoting to helping people adopt out in game pets. One of the things I do is write the Throwback Thursday stuff. It’s pretty basic: Leeeroy Jenkins, Illegal Danish, Kazzak does Stormwind, etc. Well, coming up soon is a Blizzcon feature, and it got me thinking.

Why nto share some photos here? They’re not the same as the ones I shared there (with one exception), and I have plenty of photos. So here they are!

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I got my Terky!

Phadre, Terky, and an unnamed murloc

Terky was only available in Taiwan as part of the iCoke promotion originally, but now he’s available to everyone. At least, I think all servers can get him. His egg is hiding out in Borean Tundra, in the Riplash ruins (all the way to the south). You have to go to the north east most tip of the ruins, and fall into the water. There’s a crack of a cave entrance down a ways that lets you into the cave his egg is in.

On Cenarius, this place is a madhouse. I don’t know if they just lumped us with a dozen other servers or what,  but there must have been  200 people there. Everyone and their molten corgi made it worse by deploying every toy they could to clutter things up. I was really lucky in that I snagged it in about 5 minutes of waiting.

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Blizzcon 2011!

Pet and I are going to Blizzcon 2011. I managed to get tickets this year, without having to resort to buying from a third party. Pet is thrilled, as it’s the fourth year I’ve managed birthday Blizzcon tickets.

I wonder what the pet will be this year? Personally, I’m hoping for a mount, it’s a been a few years since they did one. Grunty and Deathy are great, but I <3 my polar bear.

Purple Makes It Epic

If you’re not a WoW player, this will not interest you. If you are, you’ll laugh at how long it took me to get this.

I’ve been 1 seasonal event away from What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been, which is the violet proto-drake. The one thing I needed? Children’s Week, and I needed one achievement.

I needed School of Hard Knocks. Which isn’t so easy to get. I missed Children’s Week last year, so I decided this was the year to do it. Otherwise, if I had to wait another year, I would NEVER get the achievement. I don’t play anywhere near as much as I used to, so it was pretty much now, or never.

So, after 4 hours of pvping, I got it, and here’s my drake:
Suranna on her Violet Proto-Drake