Surprise Money

So, I’m a member of the Wealthy Affiliate (review here), and I logged in the other day to see they’d chosen one of my blog posts as “Blog Of The Day.” Surprised me, but I think it’s largely a random process. I’d gotten some comments in my blog post, so I decided to go into a little more detail about why I have 72 costume websites planned.

I wanted to use examples, so I chose my worst performing site, and my best performing site from last year, so I went to Commission Junction to pull up the statistics. And I got a bit of a surprise.

May 2011 Commission

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Program #2 – The Wealthy Affiliate University

The second program I joined was The Wealthy Affiliate University( WA or WAU). I’d joined a mailing list, and the gal who ran the mailing list really liked The Wealthy Affiliate, so I looked into it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to join, because I was paying for Amy’s program at the time. The price wasn’t bad back then, under $40 a month, or $29 a month if you paid up front.

I stopped waffling when they said they were going to increase the price. It’s a common internet marketing tactic, “Better join now, the price is going up SOON!” and I dismissed it for a couple days, until I got an email from them (I’d signed up for their mailing list too), and they set a date and said the price would more than double. So, after talking it over with Pet, I pulled the money out of savings, and purchased the year in advance.

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Program #1 – The Niche Blogger

The first program I’d signed up for was The Niche Blogger, by Amy Bass. I never really went looking for Internet Marketing information, instead, I found her by way of Dave Ramsey. This post is really long, if you’re somewhat familiar with this program, skip down to the numbered list, and take peek at my pros, cons, and how I’ve personally done with it.

I’m big into being debt free. It still hasn’t happened for me, but I know if I apply myself, I will become debt free before long. I’d read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and was looking online to see how other people managed to get debt free. I stumbled across a blog Amy had been writing, about her becoming debt free. She and her husband had $72,900 in debt, and her goal was to find as many ways as possible to make money so they could pay it all off in 2 years or less. Through a lot of trial and error, she did it, paying of the debt earlier than the 2 years she’d set as a goal.

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I Have The Attention Span of a Goldfish

I have a short attention span. I didn’t used to, but the more time I spend on the computer, the more I find that I can focus great for only a little while before I find some tangent to go wander off with. Sometimes it gets really, really aggravating.

I realized exactly how scattered I’ve gotten in the last year when I went looking for some PLR that I’d downloaded. If you’re not familiar with PLR, it stands for public label rights, and it’s pre-written articles on topics that you can post online as your own, rewrite, or compile into books or other useful things. I’d just started work on a new site, and I wanted some of the PLR I’d downloaded so I could use it after I rewrote it.

I found an ebook that I’d downloaded this spring, about creating $5 a day niche websites. I’d downloaded it, glanced at it, and then promptly ignored it. And after I read it, I ditched my article hunt and decided to work on what the ebook suggested.

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