About 6 weeks ago, my cousin ended up with a tiny kitten. She calls her Cleo.

Cleo’s the only one of her litter to survive, and as a result, she had to be bottle fed, and taken care of pretty much 24/7.

She’s also super cute.

Miss Cleo during a bath

Doesn’t she look like a tiny kung fu master in this one? She’s about 5 weeks here.

She’s about 8 weeks old now, eating kitten kibble and wet food, and she’s a doll. We had her about 10 days ago while my cousin had things to do, and she was fun to keep.

Cleo's sharp, tiny teeth

Look at those tiny fangs! Those are sharp little suckers too!

Despite all her ferocious playing, sometimes she just likes to cuddle.

Sleepy Kitty

Soft Kitty,
Warm Kitty,
little ball of fur.
Happy Kitty,
Sleepy Kitty,
purr, purr, purr.