Context Matters

Sometimes I forget that context matters, as does being specific. I was browsing on the web, and stumbled acorss an article about Anthony Weiner. Now, I haven’t followed this very closely, scandals to me are a lot like high profile court cases (think Caset Anthony): I only barely pay attention. I couldn’t remember if this was the guy with the Twitter problem, or some other political scandal I’d missed. I read this article about how photos of him cross dressing in college (a million years ago) have appeared in the National Enquirer.

And me being me, decided I’d Google for them. Being me though, I took the short route and dropped “Weiner” into the Google Image search. Once I hit search, the realization of what I did sunk in. This is one of those times I’m glad Safe Search was set to moderate, so all I got were a bunch of weiner dog photos. I corrected the search to “Anthony Weiner” and all I got were headshots. Eventually I pulled up a fuzzy photo of the National Enquirer cover.


He was in college in what? The 80s? Do I really care what he was dressing up as then? Really, if he’s a closet cross dresser, how is this news? Nevermind, Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan are news for doing a whole lot of nothing that’s really newsworthy. I just put some faith in humanity for a second. My bad, won’t do that again.

Mental Note to self: be more specific next time, you’ve turned safe search off again.