Costume Website Time

I broke down and bought a whole mess of domain names the other day. They’re all for Halloween costumes, so I can build up a bunch of websites like I did last year. Unlike last year, I plan on having more than seven websites.

Least year I made seven websites, each centered around a specific type of costume. I was working as an affiliate for an on-line costume shop, and so when people visited my page, clicked on the links, and then bought anything from this shop, I got a commission. By November 1, 2010, I had made $140.12 off my sites. I thought that was pretty good, but I hadn’t counted on any sales that happened after Halloween was over.

The end result was my 7 websites made about $200 when all was said and done. That means they not only paid for the cost of the domain names, but seven websites have paid for my website hosting for an entire year. Sure, it’s a break even point, but I was so new at Internet marketing that I think I was lucky to even manage that much.

So, emboldened by the success of last year, I went whole hog this year, and purchased 32 domain names. I had 20 from last year, with only 7 developed, but that means I have 45 potential websites to build by Halloween. Ideally, I’d have them all done in August, so they had time to get some rankings and some notice in Google and other search engines. That’s a lot to make, but I think I’ll be able to do it much faster this year.

Did I mention, that last year’s $200 in costume sales came from having crap rankings in Google? That’s right, I think the bulk of my traffic came from Yahoo and Bing searches. So, if I can make $200 without being a blip on Google’s radar, I can’t imagine how well things would be if I could actually rank with Google.

Are you interested in learning how to do this? I’m considering putting up a series of posts detailing exactly how to make a website like this, but I’d like feedback. Would you, all three random folks who read this, be interested in reading the process?