That’s a Lot of Pomp & Circumstance For a Forklift

Pet and I were crossing Oregon today, on our way home. We’re coming down a hill, and we see one of those DOT trucks with the —> get over arrows. So, we stay in the right lane.

Then, we see a second one of those DOT trucks, with the >>> arrow. So, we keep staying in the right lane. The truck in front of us slows down, allowing us to see a flatbed tow truck just beyond the second DOT truck. We can’t see what it’s winching onto the platform though.

By the time we pass it, we’re doing about 30mph, and get an excellent view of what they’re winching onto the flatbed tow truck: a forklift, laid over on it’s side.

After a minute of pondering the absurdity of what we just witnessed, Pet turns to me and goes “That’s a lot of Pomp & Circumstance for a forklift.”

That summed it up pretty well.