Furbis Domesticus Mozzius

Yes, I am a big dork. Thank you for noticing.

About a year ago, I adopted a cat from the CAT Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon. I’d lost my cat, Cleo about a year before, and so I’d been catless for a while. To be honest, I was catless from when I started going over the road driving, until I got Mozzie. A few days a month to pop in and say hi to your feline? That’s as good as not having a cat at all.

So, Mozzie has been with us about a year. I don’t remember the exact day, but if I combed through Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure I could find the date. Coincidentally, world cat day was yesterday in a few countries, and Monopoly is putting in a cat token, so now’s as good a time as any to post about Mozzie.

Mozzie, a white cat with black tail and spots on the ears and chinThis is Mozzie. I had wanted to give him a distinguished sounding name, like Alfred, but nothing distinguished fit. Someone suggested Mickey, for those black spotted ears, but that didn’t work. so I ended up naming him Mozzie, after the White Collar character. My Mozzie has more hair, and less brains.

He’s a sweet, sweet cat, very lovable, and he LOVES fuzzy blankets. He kneads and kneads on them, and drools great big puddles. If I had to say he had a flaw, it would be that he drools like crazy. Like, he drools enough to soak through jeans to bare skin, as Pet found out one day.

We call him Mozzie, or Mozzie Paws, or Mr. Mozzie Paws. My grandmother loves to call him Mr. Mozzie D, the D stands for drooler. Sometimes he’s called fuzzbutt, or hey you, or that damn cat, and sometimes we  greet him with “Mazel Paw!” Much like Mazel Tov. And lately we’ve been calling him Furbis, which he hates. We joke he’s of the species furbis domesticus. He really doesn’t like that.

Mozzie and Me, lying on my grandmother's bed

This photof of Mozzie and I on the bed was taken a few weeks after he came to live with us. I had come home from work, and he was napping on my grandmother’s bed. So I curled around him and we spent a few minutes cuddling. He likes to cuddle, although now he likes to nap on my chest, or sleep next to me, with one paw on me.

Mozzie, lying in his catch perchMy favorite Mozzie photo. He’s crashed out in his cat perch, a 4 foot tall post with a box up top. He loves this thing, it’s sturdy and he’s trying his best to tear it to pieces. This was taken last summer, and he spent most of his time sleeping in the sunlight on in.

Mozzie on World Cat Day

Since February 17 was world cat day in some countries, I took a photo of Mozzie that day. It’s actually part of a swap I’m doing on Swap Bot. He had all kinds of cute poses, and when I got out the camera, he decided to lick his butt…. Thank you Mozzie. So we distracted him long enough to get this shot.

Mozzie Pouting

He decided to pout then, and hide his face. I really want a shot of his pretty green eyes, but he closes them or hides his face every time I take out a camera. At least he’s not licking his butt.

And to round things out, I’ll leave you with a video we took of him last year, when it was discovered that Mozzie likes strawberry Twizzlers. I guess I should clarify: Mozzie is 14 pounds. A better way to describe him is: Mozzie likes food.

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