Fused Glass Chessboard

So, I made a glass chessboard. I’d been wanting to make a gameboard for a while. My mother made me a lovely tic tac toe game for my birthday, and I’d been considering making one for a while.

The idea of a chessboard stuck in my mind earlier this week, and so I started cutting tiny squares for it. MY kiln is only 14 inches, which means my kiln shelf is 12 inches, so the largest I can go with anything is about 11.5 inches. This chessboard measures just over 8 inches. I haven’t completely cleaned it, and I haven’t coldworked the edges, so it’s just rough and out of the kiln.

black and white fused glass chessboard laying on a plum purple blanket.


I used a piece of kiln paper in my kiln, because kilnwashing can be a pain. The piece was a tad too small, so that’s why the edges look rough. I can coldwork it to finish it up, but I’m going to wait a bit, and do a few other things first. Coldworking is very time consuming.

Right now it’s not really playable, since it’s neither fully cleaned nor the edges smoothed, but it is made.

8 thoughts on “Fused Glass Chessboard

  1. Your chess board is cool 🙂 Any ideas yet on how you want to make the chess pieces? What brand of kiln do you have or recommend? I was thinking over Christmas that I might like to get one…still debating.

    • I haven’t decided on the chesspieces, I might manage to tack fuse them, or just not put chesspieces in until I get a board I’m happy with.

      My kiln is a paragon 14, and while I like it, I wish I’d gotten a 16 instead. With a 14″ kiln, I have a 12″ kiln shelf, so I’m limited to an 11″ piece, or smaller. Had I gotten a 16″ kiln, I could have done 12″ pieces.

      • I made a fused glass chess board a while ago but continue to figure out how to do the pieces. I have a few ideas but have yet to try. Have you any ideas yet?

        • I was thinking I may have to torchwork the pieces. I thought about trying to make abstract, or cast pieces, but this chessboard is just too small to do them for. If I had a bigger kiln, maybe.

  2. How cool! I have always wanted to try glass work but I’m a bit of a chicken- I always figured I’d end up cutting off a finger or setting myself on fire! Your chessboard looks great!
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