Glass Items

Here are your choices for a glass item from my collection. Click on any image for a giant one to study in depth. Black background photos are taken on a black vinyl tabletop. White photos, to show colours, are taken on the back of ceramic molds.

These are called sushi dishes, and are all 9.75″ long by 3.25″ wide. They have 3 depressions in them. They’re not just used for sushi, but they’re small dishes great for sauces & small items, like soft pretzel bites or candies.

Sushi tray 1

#1, black base glass with white streaking through it. Special production glass.

Sushi Tray #2

#2, iridescent glass with dichroic. The base glass is black, but looks rainbow due to the coating. It starts silver on the left, passing through gold, orange, red, purple, and ending bluish on the right. The two stripes, one green, one yellow, are dichroic glass.

Sushi Tray #3

#3, cobalt blue glass with white streaked through it. Another special production.

Sushi Tray 4Sushi Tray 4, alternate view

#4, pale blue translucent glass with white streaking. Shown on black and white backgrounds because the glass is very pale blue, and hard to gauge colour on the black.

Side view of Green and Blue Bowl Green and Blue bowl

This bowl is clear glass, speckled with kelly green and royal blue frit. It’s sandwiched between the layers. More information about the making of the bowl available. bowl is approximately 6.5: wide, with a 3 inch center. Suitable for candies, candles, or other smaller things.


Candle Bridge 1, contrast
Candle Bridge #1, turquise blue glass overlaid with black stringer and confetti. Shown on black and white backdrops to show colour.

All candle bridges photograph strangely. They’re all about 7.5″ long, and 5″ wide, with a curving arch. In the center, a smaller square depression sits, where the candle will sit. For more photographs of the mold, and a sample piece that may be easier to see, visit Delphi Glass at this link.

Cherry Blossom Candle bridge

#2 Made with opaline glass, and hand cast cherry blossoms. The blossoms, and the brown branch are three dimensional, and raise up off the bridge about .25″.

Saturday Glass Candle Bridge

#3 Multi hued purple stringer with blue and black stringer, on blue tint glass overlayed on pink. the resulting colour is a pale lavender. Special production glass.